Lindsay Lohan even more exposed in Muse | The Blemish

Lindsay Lohan even more exposed in Muse

By on December 8, 2009

More photos of Lindsay Lohan’s Muse spread have come out and these are NSFW (her breasts are hanging out). I’m all for girls getting their tits photographed, but let’s not kid ourselves. This isn’t for “art“. This is so a bunch of dudes will buy the magazine to take into the bathroom to beat-off with. I could create better art by throwing baloney at a stripper’s ass.

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  • CBT

    Nice. One step closer to a hardcore porn movie.

  • gracie baby

    ahahaah that is halarious nicely saidd.. dude ew look at her shoulder n armss eww.. shes such a slob what a crakkheaddd.. have u seen the pictures with her n a knife kissing girls etc.. disgusting its not even sexy its just rediculouss lol zz

  • g

    she’s remind me to Marylin Monroe lol
    art photos!u guys look in to the mirror sometimes?
    probably u two (CBT & gracie baby) so ugly and jealous
    typically American’ girls right?judging the best u can do Ass..h

  • Anthony

    Why are all these wemen behave so disgusting they are all so useless, fucking prostitutes.

  • Debbie X

    Who gives a crap about ol’ firecrotch? I wanna know who the dude is, he’s hot!