Cat fight! Cat fight! Pink vs Beyonce | The Blemish

Cat fight! Cat fight! Pink vs Beyonce

By on January 27, 2010

Ruh roh! During a recent (?) concert, mocked Beyonce while performing Stupid Girls thereby insinuating that Beyonce was one such stupid girl. Oh, it’s on. It’s on like Donkey Kong. Beyonce just snapped her fingers 3 times in the air and put on her mean face. Pink doesn’t know what she’s getting herself into. Prepare to be humiliated in Beyonce’s upcoming album where she may or may not make fun of you. Because that’s how wars are fought in the music industry. With ambiguous references, son!

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  • dkw

    Pink will sink if she thinks she can embaress my girl B. Beonyce is the one of the best entertainers in the universe. Pink or stink which fits best is just afraid of being 2nd or 4th best to Be.

  • kat

    HA HA HA!! Hey.. it is what it is! She has the moves like BEY! It’s all in Fun and Games Right ? LOL…. this was pretty cute!

  • elizabeth

    i love pink and beyonce and they both have their own style. in my opinon pink was wrong for dissin beyonce like dat………..i believe pink jus fels dat beyonces dances and videos to much and over the top. still no rite to mock her successs nd besides i love single ladies ahe jus mad cuz she aint gt no booty to pop

  • Chris

    If Pink is trying to start mess with Beyonce she needs to get over it. Beyonce has never made reference of her or anyone. She does her thing and that is it. Pink can stand alone on her own music. No need to start drama.

  • john


  • Tom

    They are both stupid girls. and really i cant think of anyone who has admitted to buy there album. so i guess ill never know if she fires back..

    Oh excuse me but Beyonce had the worst video of all time… Really 3 girls dancing in black and white? i have more creativity in me then she has on her whole ring finger

    • Cynical

      Like She designed the Video Concept, There puppets of the music industry

    • zet26

      THANK YOU !!! I could never understand what was so great about this video. When she turms sideways her hip looks like the hind side of a horse. All that bumping and grinding,no wonder Kenya made an ass of him self claiming her video was number one, that’s all he and hundreds of other men were looking at. Whatever happened to lyrics? What is it ,one paragrath they repeat over and over again while they giggle like a vat full of jell-o. HELLLLOOO

    • stamina

      ur twisted n jelous.get a life coz beyonces moves generate her u perhaps can never have

    • zet26

      The only ones who could possibly be jealous of that piece of trash is hookers who thought they didn’t have enough class for their moves to make them billions, which they would be more deserving.

  • johnnie

    just keep your head us you have something everyone need that jesus is frist in your life

  • Stacy

    I like a few of Beyonce’s songs…but that’s it. She doesn’t have any class, she isn’t REALLY this innocent lady she likes to be thought as. She acts all innocent and…”Oh, is that my booty in the air?, Well, I didn’t mean to do that. And, you mean it isn’t ladylike to open and close my legs to show my vagina?…But it makes me SO much money, and by the way, did you know I am a Christian?” Oh, please, give me a break! I don’t care WHO makes fun of her. At least PINK doesn’t hold ANYTHING back and tells it like it REALLY is. And PINK can belt out those songs! She isn’t really my type, but I do like her music and how she carries herself.


      Please…. Stacy, he who has not sinned cast the first stone.!.. get off your high horse and stop being so fucking judgemental. You should not even speak about her and what her religion is! Im SURE she couldn’t care less what u thought of her…As for Pink it is soooo typical of the entertainers that make far less money than others…They (pink and others like her)make it seem as though they make less money because they don’t do what Beyonce does …sing about what she does or dance how she does…But the truth is Pink is just angry that her little career will never go as far as beyonce’s and she makes no where near as much money as Beyonce because she CAN’T do what Beyonce does EVEN IF SHE TRIED HER HARDEST ….and it doesn’t help her to look like a 14 year old boy with pink hair in her head!!! I BEYONCE PROBLY WATCHED THAT CLIP AND WAS LIKE….PINK WHO?

    • Misty

      Beyonce has always been classy and i hope she continues to stay that way by not even responding to Pink’s behavior. It’s sad when you have to make a song about someone else to get attention. Most of you probably don’t even remember Pink’s 1st album but, she was kinds ghetto-punk. her style changes & we’ve embraced her through her changes. maybe her producers have asked her to be more like Beyonce but, her fans haven’t & she can quickly lose fans by insulting someone for no reason. it’s childish.

  • fnfklf

    I actually think that P and B are great friends and smart ladies.
    They are probably so smart that they conspire this controversy to create more media attention, establish 2 camps, increase their popularity and sell more records and other products.

    • rene

      u got it fnfklf


    In the end who really that much about spoiled celebrities, no wonder this country is so messed up.

  • Raul

    who cares about this news its all propaganda to make more money you fools.

  • Willy Brown

    Who cares,there yesterdays news.

  • Jessica

    I mean c’mon people it was funny. If Beyonce is a true lady she will take it in stride. Imitation is the truest form of adoration lol. Besides Beyonce needs to fire her choreographer she looks so stiff when she moves.

  • Latin Lo

    Who care!!!! They are both HOT, Now someone run over and pour some butter on them,,lol.

  • MikeBuddy

    I like P!nk and Beyonce’ but I don’t think P!nk was specifically dissing B, I mean what was up w/the outfit she looked like a lot of singers poorly clashed as one, frankly I thought P!nk’s last album was better than Beyonce’s last one.

  • Dina

    Jessica, did you say stiff when she dances? Either you need need glasses or a new prescription to see clearer. Beyonce is definetly NOT stiff when she move.

  • Camille

    Pink has diarrhea of the mouth, she can’t stop running it. She has a right to say whatever she wants and to whoever will listen to it. However, if you’re gonna call another artist a “sell-out” and a “stupid girl” then you need to check yourself first. It’s sad when an artist has to resort to attacking her artist success and popularity. Pink appears to have sour grapes. If Beyonce is a sell-out, then I guess Britany, Christina, Keri Hilson, and all the other female artist who use sexuality in their lyrics and video’s are sell-outs as well.

  • Queen Apollo

    Beyonce and Pink are most likely good friends, the people with the negetive attitude and the need to get a life folks, will read the story and run it into the ground,

  • Nayanka

    great video, lmao, imitation is a form of flattery. So Pink was paying a homage to the lady that ruled 09. Bey is a very smart girl, you need that to stay on top of the game, so negative comments about this video are unwarranted. Both girl have their own styles, audiences & talents. I love B’s voice & booty shake, one cannot go without the other !! I love Pink’s voice & acrobatics moves showing her muscle toned body !!! lol
    You go GIRLS……

  • Emily

    Wait… i couldnt make out a word… how is she dissing her?

  • Emily

    Sorry I see it now. Nice. Love them both.

  • Nati_Cat

    Beyonce ain’t SH!T! Pink is far better! Beyonce is so played out it isn’t even funny anymore!

  • Gia

    Go PINK! I cannot stand Beyonce…she’s cold-hearted fur wearing and has to be in every frame of every video she’s in, barely clothed.

  • jenn

    I’ve never liked Pink or this song. It’s a little on-the-nose, don’t you think? Anybody can call Jessica Simpson and whoever stupid and mock them. It takes real talent to do it in a way that isn’t so obvious. Also, under the guise of being ironic, Pink gets to dance sexy like everyone else and that makes her, what, a smart girl? Or somehow different or better than the girls she sings about? It seems to me that it’s a very convenient way of selling herself but still claim she’s better than that. And I’m not necessarily a Beyonce fan, but girl can dance her behind off and be sexy in a way that isn’t tasteless. Look at girls like Ciara and then tell me Beyonce is classless. Some people are just a little too prudish.

  • ken

    i juss think dat pink has a funny sense of humor. ppl gotta get over it

  • Anjyl

    OMG this is awesome! this is why i love Pink. she doesn’t give a shit about all of these princesses and isn’t afraid of them. anyone that knows anything about Pink would know she has a great sense of humor. and it’s about time someone is saying something about Beyonce. GO BABE!

  • stevedog!

    wow all she did was move her hand…how is that an insult to beyonce…fuckin retards

  • Willow

    Pink is a loser. But you know what if I were being outshined like that, perhaps I’d hate Beyonce too. Get over it, Pink.

  • ginger

    I agree with Pink–Beyonce has gotten too full of herself so it makes her a fair target

  • nes

    pink hit the nail on the head , what ever happen to true artist bey is a fake

  • pat

    Beyonce is so overrated. All themes in her videos is her fat ass thunder thighs in leotards! Get over it already!Pink is cool!

  • whtevz

    Oh, is Pink relevant now? Didn’t think so.

  • carmelapple

    I remember back in the 80′s and 90′s when ladies had a little sex appeal, but it was all about the art of music. But when Beyonce became an artist and even in the destiny’s child group,She let it be known that she was going to do what it takes to sell a record. Even with the strip tease on b.e.t. and all the videos when she’s humping the camera half naked and her dad manages her. Who wants to see their little girl half naked humping around on stage. Her voice is soo beautiful why does she need to do this? Just because something is popular and makes a lot of money dont mean it’s right.. The bible says the love of money is the root of all evil.. And when ur willing to do anything for it, its hard to compete with that…


    If I were a Boy? Really Beyonce? You have no idea what it is like to be a boy… And you wouldnt be able to handle it if you were… puhlease .. what a stupid song/statement

  • Tangerine

    OK how exactly can Beyonce be a fake artist? She is making oodles of $ singing, dancing, acting, talking, breathing…

  • Nell

    Wow all of you all are dumb. Pink is cool, Beyonce is too. Get over it or drop dead. The more you bitch the more money they make. Whether they like each other or not. SHEESH!

  • tt

    If I recall correctly, isn’t Pink the artist who just made headlines for looking utterly disgusting and rediculous in a almost naked body suit that she ended up looking like a man in? Who is the stupid one for coming on stage like that…

  • Tony

    GO PINK! We’re all getting sick of the fur wearing fake hair extension pig! Just like her fat momma, Jay Z will wind up leaving her down the road too!! Women who wear fur are COLD HEARTED SELF CENTERED PIGS…And when their men finally realize this, they will leave them, believe me!!!!
    Pink is 100 times prettier too!!!! Nothing fake about her.

    Remember how jealous B was of Shakira back then? Everyone knew that Shakira was hot, could sing BETTER, dance BETTER, and LOOKED better!! B then had to go and try buttering her up to be in a video with her to show everyone that she wasn’t jealous…..yeah ok… can fool some of the people some time but not ALL the time….

  • mj

    pink is jealous just like most women

  • peter

    Pink is a man

  • Teresa

    Honestly P!nk would win a fight with Beyonce…haha what makes people think Beyonce would win??


  • Shirley

    I really think Beyonce cannot sing but she is very attractive and knows how to shake what her momma gave her and it’s put together so well. This is what makes her so famous. But if i never saw her and just heard her music, I would not buy a c d that she recorded. She’s a good entertainer and has the body that looks good. So B, while you are young and tight, flaunt it because there is going to come a day that you will not have this nice body to flaunt. The people that have negative things to say about her, don’t hate the player, hate the game.

  • jeannie

    Hey guys! Both of them are great performers. I love them both and I enjoy both. Don’t choose who would win or lose. Just enjoy!

  • Austin

    I love music

  • John

    To whom this applies, who cares ? You need to get a life !!Or a job !!!

  • Easy

    This former junkie wishes she was on Beyonce’s level in any entertainment arena. Let’s see, Beyonce: Better singer, better dancer, better looking, better actress, more almbum sales, more talented, much more money, much more successful husband, more star power for Beyonce & Jay-Z and obviously more class. She makes her fame and money by doing her own songs ans music. Not imitating others that she is jealous of. Get your own fame Pink skank. My man Treach ( Naughty By Nature) hit it too. She is a groupie too.

  • KIM


  • miguel

    Beyawnsay is lame. So what about the moola she makes, shes’ still a fat tree trunk legged, boring, overrated, nasty-assed,same ol sounding song everytime, big gross arse pig, you see?

  • Gennie

    If P!nk meant wat she did,den i totally support her,its about tym some1 shut B up,she’s trying so hard even in her videos to stay in our faces and its getting annoyin,her dance steps are super forceful just to reveal d curves,we see em already dont push it,infact we’r tired of seeing em,wateva hapnd to being kool lyk Alicia keys,she’s got all dat too but she keeps it classy.B’s annoying,she tries 2 prove she does it beta dan evry1 else wen she really cant,take d “beautiful liar video 4 example.Her B.s got worse since sasha fierce,dont even lyk her albums,preferd her wen der was still Destiny’s child.By d way I hear she’s no longer xtian,she’s now in a cult lyk her hubby and it’s so sad..Jesus is d way B,He’s all u’ll ever need and more

  • Wanda

    I think Pink is the problem here. IIRC, she started something like this with Christina A, as well. It seems she is jealous of any female singer getting more attention than she is. She needs to concentrate on her own career and stop worrying about other singers.

    • B Lady

      pink who? It’s disgraceful when an entertainer has to disrespect another just to be noticed. If pink had talent, it would speak for itself. It’s call entertainment people and that what Beyonce does. As to those who attack Beyonce’s body, don’t you wish you or your lady (if you are a man)look like her – jealousy, jealousy – get over it and leave the lady alone. In the end Beyonce’s got it all and I hope she ignores classless, jealous pinki. At least Beyonce uses her real name, not hiding behind some useless moniker.