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Heidi Montag almost died after her procedure

By on January 20, 2010

almost bid farewell to this cruel world after undergoing 10 plastic surgery procedures in her pursuit to look absolutely normal.

“I almost died after my procedure,” Heidi told Access Hollywood’s Billy Bush on Monday. “I had too much Demerol like Michael Jackson did and my breathing was five breaths per minute which is like almost dead. [I was] in an aftercare center, there were nurses that were supposed to be tending to me at all times.

“So thank God, Charles, one of my security guys used to be an EMT, and he was timing my breath on his watch and he called the nurses and they had to put oxygen on my face and called my plastic surgeon to come in for an emergency. So, it was a very traumatic experience for me,” she continued.

Two months after surgery, Heidi says she still doesn’t have full movement in her face and that she wanted the biggest breast size possible, but that didn’t happen. Oh and she’s ready to do Playboy again.

“At first I kept saying my boobs aren’t big enough. I wanted 800 cc’s and I ended up getting about 650 cc’s. 800 is the largest size that they make,” she explained. “I wanted them to be larger originally, but this is all that could fit into my body. So, I kept saying like a crazy person for eight weeks, saying I want them bigger I want them bigger. I think I’m good with them now… They’re triple D’s or F’s pretty much, I wanted ‘H’ for Heidi but that didn’t really happen that way.”

Heidi is very clearly insane. Normal people don’t base their desired breast size on the first letter of their name. She looks like a damn robot now. Like one those sexbots that lonely, old men from New Jersey make and debut at the porn expo. Except Heidi is worse because she’s not as good at holding a meaningful conversation. I bet if you tried to talk to her, she’d just move her lips and hope that you won’t notice her brain is lagging 30 seconds behind.

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  • PunkA

    I think she looks gorgeous. like I want to totally bang her gorgeous. and the huge tits looks awesome.

    having said that, the lack of movement in her face is strange. and she is still a really dumb, stupid bitch. Too bad they can;t do a personality transplant on her.

    hope she does porn soon.

  • Megan

    Right, I’m sure her security guard saved her. The nurses knew what was going on probably and were trying to dick around waiting for the retard to die. Then the asshole had to go and say something to them, so they had to do something to cover their asses. Sigh. Almost had her.

  • IKnowItAll

    Five breaths per minute– six count in and six out– is plenty, and her already-incapacitated brain couldn’t function properly if she were oxygen-assisted 24/7.
    Maybe she will pass away next time.

  • Ira

    She definitely graduated her B.S.C degree with honors. Baby is Bat Shit Crazy.

  • alima

    someone need to stop this girl, shes only 23 and have serius problems… i feel almost sad..

  • maryjane

    i wish she did die.

  • David Copperballs

    “Normal people don’t base their desired breast size on the first letter of their name”

    But pornstars base the first letter of their name on their current breast size.

  • Danielle

    shes an idiot. I had appendix surgery and i was on morphine. The more they give you the less oxygen you get. I needed a oxygen mask 3 times in a one week period. I was closer to death with my appendix ruptured for a week b4 I was diagnosed. so stfu you loser

  • Flesh Colored Beard

    She would’ve done the world a favor by dropping dead. Girls like her are a dime a dozen on the corner of any city block. Why is she famous anyway? Oh yeah, she makes terrible music, dates that freak, and can’t shut her stupid yap for more than 3 seconds…Idiot.

  • Shari

    She ruined herself. Who gets a brow lift in their early 20s. Why didn’t any one try to stop her, friends, family?! She’s clearly not mentally stable, wanting to blow up her boobs so they can match the first letter of her name?! She used to be pretty, she had a great body, and that was all she had going for her ’cause she’s clearly dumb as rocks, but now she has nothing. It really is sad.

  • arlene

    Heidi is a sex addicted little turd she looks like this bitch at the limited king of prussia i wish there were both dead. she can drop dead any day

  • Marina

    She used to be pretty before all the surgeries… now she looks really artificial… I don’t think she should undergo any more surgeries… and she should seriously consider stop being so dumb… lol Maybe it’s a character she plays for the media, but whatever it is it’s not helping her…
    It’s sad for her to advertise the fact that she thinks this is the perfect look for a woman, that the only way to look pretty is by having tons of surgery and almost dying… I really feel sorry for her… she’s so insecure she needs to have tons of surgeries and then advertise it everywhere…

  • max

    She friend of mariloo, i love it.