Reggie Bush might have to marry Kim Kardashian | The Blemish

Reggie Bush might have to marry Kim Kardashian

By on January 19, 2010

Kim Kardashian told a radio interviewer that Reggie Bush promised to propose to her if the Saints win the Super Bowl. After blowing out Arizona, he’s one step closer to having to go through with  it. Although, he’s not getting past the Vikings. But if he does, it’d be funny if he welched on the deal. The Super Bowl ring is like catnip for women. He’ll be swimming in them. By the time he gets out of the after-party, the only Kim he’ll remember will be blonde and able to do the splits.

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  • WhoDatArmy

    Not getting past the Vikings, my ass. Better yet, Kim’s ass- we’ll teach them how to rape and pillage.

  • WhoDat?It’s The VIKES,Biatch!

    “Getting past the Vikes”? Baaaaaaaaahahahaha! That’s some funny shit, right there… Brees and Co. are gonna’ be cryin’ so hard Katrina will look like a kiddie pool! Reggie, looks like that loot will getcha’some Cristal, not diamonds, son!

  • WhoDatArmy

    Please, Favre’s grizzled old ass is about to get a taste of what Breesus and the Saints do best