Lady Gaga is a big weirdo | The Blemish

Lady Gaga is a big weirdo

By on February 1, 2010

Here’s ’s other outfit she wore to the Grammys. Celine Dion even took a picture with her like you would with those people dressed in costume at Disneyland or a kid in the cancer ward.

Up top Lady Gaga and her friend are wondering why people are laughing at her. Well, obviously it’s because she’s drinking tea at the wrong time. Idiot.

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  • Abdo

    I can’t believe that this freak of nature took 2 Grammys and someone more talented and respectful than she ever will be not even nominated I’m talking about the amazing Leona Lewis .

    • Chris

      So why is GAGA a “freak of nature”? What EXACTLY is it in YOUR EYES that make her a freak of nature?
      Can GAGA sing? HELL YES! Can GAGA do fashion? HELL YES!
      who is leona lewis? Someone from american idol?
      When and if you can back yourself up as to why you think GAGA is a freak of nature, I believe your an ASSHOLE!

  • Nicole

    Lady Gaga is not artsy or fashionable or uniquely talented…she’s an attention whore and obviously inconsiderate of others to wear THE HUGEST HAT IN THAT ROOM so the damn people behind her can’t even enjoy the show. She is a new suped up version of madonna and it’s so unoriginal it makes me sick. If you defend her so passionately you must like to jump on every new band wagon…her song lyrics are ridiculous! Paparazzi is just unbelievably horrible!! Seriously people, stop allowing yourself to be spoon fed the top 40 and dig a little deeper for some real music.

  • Kevin

    i can not wait until next year at this time when this FREAK will be out of the public eye

  • maraya

    I think people should have the freedom to express themselves however they chose to. Who cares what she wears. Since when was it right to judge a book by its cover? Lady GaGa could be the nicest person alive, but you wouldnt give her the time of day just because of the clothes she wears.

  • Valeria

    Her first video was so modest and umm normal.
    Something happened to her after getting some fame, and suddenly she became this freaky ugly doll, with absolutely meaningless lyrics.
    So maybe they should give her some Grammy – for the worst song, look and make up. See, they had to give her three, not two lol.
    Gross. She’s just gross. Maxim magazine Russia uses it as an obvious reason why not publish her lol, by the way.

  • Wendy F.

    People like Gaga are the reason why I live in and love New York City. She rocks !

  • Paul G.

    Gaga is a uniquely talented artist. Totally selfmade, an accomplished singer, pianist, designer. She makes me appreciate the creativity that’s a trademark of New York and the Lower East Side. She knows how to put on a show, like in the good old days of David Bowie, Freddie Mercury and Klaus Nomi. Gaga will be around for a long time, and she doesn’t have to flash her vagina to do so. Can’t wait to see and hear more of her !

  • Wendy

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