Tila Tequila in the ultimate sexy fail | The Blemish

Tila Tequila in the ultimate sexy fail

By on February 13, 2010

This morning on announced that she fell and dented her skull. She said she might not be tweeting for a while. In Tila speak, that means about 36 hours. Lest you be concerned for Tila, below is an animated gif of how it MIGHT happened. All together now: Buahahahahah!

Update: Old video? Maybe. But still hilarious.

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  • Kate

    This video was from months ago, not last night.

  • Sandy

    LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL What an idiot. This was the least embarassing part of her drugged out Shaun Merriman rant night, and that’s not saying much. This woman needs help in so many ways–mental, spiritual, physical, emotional. I hope she gets it before it’s too late. Isn’t there anyone in her life that can do an intervention for her?

  • M

    funny enough my friend did smth like that via sms to me – she sent me sms claiming she is her mother and saying she isn’t doing well and then later that she just had clinic death and blabla. I was devastated until much later when I knew she just lied to me to get me worry about her. what a bitch. and now tila is having this same story. how desperate these people must be?