Jessica Alba back to being hot | The Blemish

Jessica Alba back to being hot

By on March 22, 2010

Thank god Jessica Alba is super cute again. Here she is getting coffee in LA wearing cutoffs. The best part about these pictures is that neither that douchebag husband nor her baby are in the shots. You can just push them out of your minds. Someday I’ll ask if Jessica wants me to whisk her away to my private island. Then I’ll do it before she has a chance to say no. Whisk her away, I mean. The private island is actually a fort I made out of sofa cushions.

[Images: Fame]

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  • kaylia

    hooray for anorexia!

  • sexyman48

    kaylia sounds fat

  • mojo~

    LMAO@ Kaylia and Sexyman48
    but when was Alba NOT hot? Did I miss something?

  • jringo

    I eat JA with a fork.