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Ke$ha fail

By on April 19, 2010

45 seconds. That’s how long it took for everyone including to realize her performance was completely retarded. Performing on SNL over the weekend, kicked-off her hit song Tik Tok by spreading an American flag cape like a patriotic Batman. Then she proceeded to pump everyone up for the next 4 minutes with her lack of enthusiasm and dancing spacemen.

When it was time for her second performance, even guest host Ryan Phillippe seemed bemused. Probably because Ke$ha dressed up like she was at Burning Man and gave her stiffest appearance yet. You’d see better and more inspired performance from a guy having a seizure. And the ending would be way less awkward.

As a result, now has its own tag.

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  • Dave

    I’m glad I fell asleep before that came on SNL. Some days God smiles on you.

  • mike

    what’s with using the word retarded? a performance can’t be retarded, because retarded means slow, not stupid. get a dictionary and then if you have time check out the word ignorant.

  • SuperTard

    Ya dude, like it or not; retarded is used as slang nowadays and can mean multiple things.