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Robert Pattinson and Leighton Meester?

By on April 14, 2010

Bad news Twilight fans. Your fantasies of a real life Edward Cullen/Bella Swan relationship are about to come to a crashing halt meaning… PANIC! You may have nothing to live for anymore!

Sources spotted Pattinson entering “Gossip Girl” stunner ’s New York City apartment, according to celebrity magazine In Touch Weekly.

“He ducked out of the building and hopped into a waiting car,” the source said.

“He apparently spent the night with Leighton and didn’t want anyone to know.

“She’s having a texting romance with him and is so into it. She talks with Rob almost daily,” the source said.

You know who else talks to Robert daily? The women on the Twilight forums. But I’m going to let you in on a little secret. That’s not the real telling them “TITS OR GTFO!”. Unless they’re under 18, in which case, that was totally the real saying “TITS OR GTFO!” Heh heh heh. I’m so clever.

Note: For some reason the wax Robert Pattinson looks more manly than the real Robert Pattinson.


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  • april

    if they have nothing to write why not just pick their nose instead of fabricating story again about robert patinson.the guy is so busy dont even have time to breath

  • blah ur face

    this is the biggest lie ever bcuz he was in london and hungary shooting bel ami so how is he gonna go all the way 2 new york to c her. and plus she has a bf. also he’s currently dating his co-star kristen stewart. so get ur facts straight.

    • @ blah your face

      u couldnt have put it any better

  • Claudia

    This is so much nonsense. Robert Pattinson has been in Europe filming Bel Ami. There are pictures of him from the set all over the web. He has barely had a day off working hard to finish filming which finally ended this past weekend. In Touch says recently. How recent is recently? The last time he was in New York Kristen was with him. She was again with him this past weekend in Budapest. Pictures and videos of them. Leighton’s boyfriend resembles Rob, but no one is quite as good looking. I think In Touch should perhaps get a new inside source because this just didn’t happen. No time. Too much distance. Paparazzi following him everywhere. Impossible even if he wasn’t already in a realtionship with Kristen, which he is.

    • The Blemish

      In Touch/Star should always be taken with a grain of salt. I just thought the wax Robert Pattinson was funny.

  • val

    Gossip Cop already proved this story as false! He has been in Hungary filming for a while anyway. Plus Kristen has been with him for about a week now – they were even photographed.

  • so you know

    just wondering how you know the facts on who hes dating.
    and who cares who hes dating, except its publicity for the 2 stars. the more secretive, the more publicity. this is all so funny. you seem so serious. lol

  • april

    to each his own.this a fee country

  • crnp

    kristen and rob are together and committed to each other and their franchise. Rob does not love anyone but Kristen.