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Hayley Williams of Paramore Twitpic’d herself topless

By on May 27, 2010

I don’t know what a Paramore is but Hayley Williams is apparently the lead singer of it and she may have accidentally tweeted a topless photo of herself. Tits, people!

Hayley allegedly took the photo down five minutes later. However, as people have said, “the internet is forever.” They also say, “stop staring into my window,” but that’s neither here nor there.

Friendly neighborhood perv Josh also sent in three screenshots, one of which was NOT of Hayley topless. I think he was providing proof or something. I don’t know. I sort of skimmed past it. It could have been a death threat for all I know. But people seem to be talking.

Real or not, this is pretty awesome for a Thursday night. Especially since Hayley is a redhead. They’re rare. It’s like stumbling across a unicorn in a trench coat and then having it flash you.

NSFW gallery starts here or click through the photos below for the uncensored.

Update: Hayley is claiming she got hacked. Also, not a real redhead? So disappointed.

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  • adamryan

    “tell me, tell me do you feel the pressure now?”

    Yup, Hayley. There’s pressure. ;)

  • Emi

    ppsshh..she saying she got hacked.. sure girl..sure..itty bitty tittaaysss

  • Eu eu memso e a minha gata

    Meu muito gostosa a hayley nessa foto ^^

  • A

    It’s pathetic that so many people care about this.

  • G

    she is blonde.

    • Gem

      She’s not blonde.. She’s mouse brown.

  • Makrina Donch

    This is pretty classless. Hayley’s amazing. Don’t bash her out by posting up the picture some more.. I suggest taking it down. Like, NOW.

    • AJJ

      I sooooo agree

    • Johnmc

      bash her? she took the picture dumb ass …

    • Kelly Prister

      I agree. I believe her. But it’s nothing compared to what other celebrities have done. I’m sure everyones under pressure. So you should cut her some slack and believe that it was an accident, okay? Goodness sakes people…

    • aud

      yeahh i believe she was hacked. Of course i don’t kow he but i fiercely believe she would not do something like that on purpose.

    • http://twitter.com/EyesLikeAsia ….

      HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, because taking a topless pic is classy to begin with. I suggest looking up at *ACTUAL* classy people and gaving taste. Like, NOW.

      PS amazing is a hideously overrated word, and she is so far from it it;s laughable.

      • Say.It.To.My.Effing.Face.?

        Wow. You’re a jerk. Wtf has Hayley done to you? Let me think. I’m gonna go with..nothing. Please don’t be a hater. I mean seriously, drinking a bottle of Haterade then getting on your computer is just NOT a good combo, folks. It’s just not. Smh. ????????. ???? people, if you wanna talk ????, just put it in the toilet with the rest of it.

  • noko

    i loled

    • Brendaakapablo

      i’d totally bang hayley williams.!!

  • lol

    She’s not a redhead

  • TattyBojangles

    Hayley Williams isn’t a real redhead. No fire crotch for you.

  • lizzi

    actually what happened was she got hacked, or thats what she is saying

  • jrhop

    Well damn, that doesn’t seem like something she’d do, but that’s certainly awesome.

  • Kimberly

    its edited. LOL :PP

    • Mary

      No, it isn’t.

      Hayley lost her phone a few days ago. Someone found it, found the picture on it, and posted it to her Twitter (which was still signed in on her phone). She found it a few minutes later and took it down. I’m sure the picture was for Chad. That’s between them and shouldn’t have been put online. Cruel.

  • hayley

    hahaaa HACKED. its ok if she was topless i mean im sure it was for her boyfriend. and we all know she’s already sent picture by mistake to the pmore account too. but she shouldnt lie about saying getting hacked.

  • hayley

    more lol for kimberly. she didn’t got hacked. she isn’t a real redhead. and she uploaded the picture by mistake

    • paulo victor

      peitinho gostoso **

    • aud

      if she uploaded it by mistake how come it took her five whole minutes to take it down? i think she was hacked

  • Jen

    Oh well. Shit happens. Can’t do anything about it now. Whether it was an “accident” or she got “hacked,” move on. And itty bitty tittes are hot ;)

  • kitdzy

    Definitely an eye opener because of the fact that she’s my idol, but I believe she didn’t know what to say. Like, “Oh, well… Let’s just say I got hacked and hope people will believe me.” I still love you Hayles, even if you do make mistakes.

    • Mary

      She lost her BlackBerry (Again!) and the person who found the BlackBerry, opened her Twitter and uploaded the picture. -.-’

      (Sorry for my bad english.)

  • Candace

    Dude…who cares, have you people never seen tits before?

    • Justine

      Thank god someone with a brain goes online! I totally agree.

    • http://twitter.com/EyesLikeAsia ….

      you care?
      and yeah, because “classy” Christian singers… it’s totally normal and expected of them to take such slutty pics. Yeah. Right… totally.

  • Treelor

    Don’t worry Hayley, think of it as advertisement to potential new male fans.

    • kiya

      LOL!!! that made my day..it was kinda mean though

    • Hard

      Dame rite about that , im sure potential female friends too :D

  • marie

    “I don’t know what a Paramore is but Hayley Williams is apparently the lead singer of it…”

    LOL didn’t you just answer your own stupid question? Uh, Paramore is a band if you’re still too slow or too lazy to look it up.

    • asdf

      Fail.It’s called sarcasm.

    • Incorruptible Symbol

      Its not a stupid question if you actually READ it. Notice how he said he wants to know what “a” Paramore is. He knows its the name of the band, hes wanting to know what the word Paramore MEANS. Your eyes and brain were given to you for a reason, it wouldnt kill you to use them.

  • ANON

    hahahahahaha hacked? what a liar. she’s just ashamed she twitpic’d it herself so she made that shit up.

    • Bri

      How the hell would you know? Are you a mind reader?

  • Insider

    Hayley lost her phone a few days ago. Someone found it, found the picture on it, and posted it to her Twitter (which was still signed in on her phone). She found it a few minutes later and took it down. I’m sure the picture was for Chad. That’s between them and shouldn’t have been put online. Cruel.

    • lebowsky

      cruel? awwwww


  • Jeremy

    All this about nudes. That is not a nude picture. It is topless…get it right.

  • Anon

    It’s TITS. you can see 100x worse on basic cable anyday.

    People should stop caring. “oh em gee this is so horrible, so classless, perv!!” Get over it and move along. Newsflash, everybody has private parts; it’s just skin like everywhere else, stop looking into this so much.

    To summarize:

    “Shit happens. Nice tits, I’m going to focus on something else now, bye.”

    • Frngr

      Omg, someone sane here. Totally agree.

    • http://twitter.com/EyesLikeAsia ….

      And showing them like some classless hooker desperate for attention is… classless. Sorry, get over it maybe?

      Anyway not nice. I’m glad she isn’t frickin Christina Hendricks sized but not nice. Most guys, the lonely desperate pervs who go out of their way to defend this trashy attention-whore stuff like this (sound familiar?) say any size is, your opinions don’t really count.

  • Raina

    Awww.. Really? It was pretty classless of her to post them. Of course people are going to post them after she does. Get over it. Paramore isn’t good anyways. ;D

    • aud

      fuck you.

  • Kennedy

    you need to take this down.. it’s pathetic and old, it obviously didn’t mean to happen and it’s not like nearly everyone takes the odd cheeky picture of themselves but when an icon does it, it gets blown out of fucking proportion your making it worse for her posting this picture and she obviously didn’t want it their when she got hacked!!
    have a bit of f*king respect ! also she lost her phone and obviously someone sent it whilst her phone was still signed into her twitter account and when retrieving the phone she deleted it .. it’s just stupid people like that, that could ruin her career as she is now probably about to get alot of shit !

    • RiRi

      Welcome to the internet! The moment you take a topless picture of yourself (if you are a woman of course) it’ll be on the internet for years. There is no “taking it down”. One site can take it down, but the other hundreds that posted it will not.

      Also, welcome to Hollywood! Respect is a foreign concept. And trust me, her career isn’t “ruined”. If anything, she got more fans. It’s just boobs. She wasn’t stripping at a club or snorting coke. She’s 21. She can take care of herself.

  • shy

    This is like borderline child pornography…she’s still a kid….that being said…they are just breasts…we don’t need people all in a tizzy over this.

    • RiRi

      She’s 21. A kid she is not.

    • shushanna

      actually she isn’t a kid shes in her 20′s

    • Johnmc

      U have a dirty mind … get a clue on what cp is ahole

  • Christian

    She wasn’t hacked. It was taken down not even 5 minutes later and she took the picture – IT IS REAL and it was done on her blackberry 9000 at 2010:05:27 19:40:11. We can all just come to the conclusion Hayley Williams is a huge whore and can’t properly operate a cellphone.

    • Frngr

      Ok, she’s a whore for taking naked pictures and acidentally posting them on internet. Ok. I bet you don’t think that your girlfriend is a whore for showing naked pics to you.

      GET A LIFE !

  • deny

    She’s still hot.lol


    Why does she even have nood pictures of her?

  • Johnny

    i’m so glad this happened. She is a BABE. Made my night.

  • jrhop

    Also, note that she said she was hacked. Not that that wasn’t her in the picture.

  • Mary

    Hayley lost her phone a few days ago. Someone found it, found the picture on it, and posted it to her Twitter (which was still signed in on her phone). She found it a few minutes later and took it down. I’m sure the picture was for Chad. That’s between them and shouldn’t have been put online. Cruel. [2]

    • Johnmc

      For all of those saying that she was hacked, if you check out the exif data of pic you’ll see the picture was taken 5 minutes before she posted it on twitpic.

      Ok, ok. So she lost her cell, someone found it, then uploaded the nude pics onto her twitter, all in the space of 5 minutes? ok.

  • Roberts

    Haley Williams….check! Next…..bassist of Sick Puppies!

  • Amber

    This is all just so sick. People, Hayley is a victim of some low-life who has nothing better to do then find her phone (duh, she loses phones a lot.) go through all of the pictures (I might have to though, curiousity of the girl I’ve idolized for the past 4 years) and then (this is where it gets me) posts the most humiluating one onto her twitter account for the whole world to see! Great job you sick basterd, youu better hope she stays strong for your sake.

  • H

    so hot.

  • AK

    Paramore still sucks heh

  • opinionated101

    @Emi, one idk if she got hacked, but its soooo possible.
    Two, itty bitty titties my ass, they are’nt HUGE but what all you girls need to understand, a lot of guys aren’t usually interested in huge ass tits. They are really fun to look at, but we don’t think boobs are bad because they aren’t DD.

  • David jones

    Nice one love ;)

  • zomfgwtfbbq!

    itty bitty titty committee ;D

  • http://twitter.com/theSnuggz

    maybe she was taking them and then put her phone down to go somewhere and someone took her phone and posted the pics…BRRRRR

  • Ali

    hey who gives a fuck? paramore is still an amazing band and hayley only made a fucking mistake. who cares, she was playing a goddam joke people get over it >.<

  • lillycorex08

    Hayley is a BRUNNETTEEE. This site is full of BS, learn your facts. Hayley is an amazing person, & people have attempted to hack her Twitter in the past. SO stop.

  • salad

    her body is so awesome. I want to lick her ass forever

  • Yourallfuckingstupid.

    Your all retarded. She is a cumdumpster. get the fuck over it. also what is a rock band doing in the kitchen?

  • Danny

    Laughing at this picture. Keep it in your pants people, she isn’t even hot, she just looks like every other white girl,I knew her”good girl” “sweetheart” image would be ruined soon…But I’m not only gonna bash on her dumbass and lame band. I used to love Paramore, but gah they got annoying after a while.And plus she was somewhat rude at Warped Tour, Fuck you Hayley

    • jess

      omg i love you danny , i h8 her nad paramore, but i llloovveee green day n fall out boy x


    Seriously people? Do you think Hayley would really do something like this? I don’t! Would she really be careless enough to the point to where this could happen? Cuz to me she doesn’t really seem like that. None of us REALLY know what happened though-so you all need to STOP saying if she was really hacked or not unless you have proof!

  • nomnomnom

    nice. who knows what happened here really. who cares. its all about the music in the end. and “cumdumpster dude” right above me: im gonna pretend an airplane crashes into your mothers house as she sleeps.

  • B(oYo)BSROCK

    Ummmm, if I found a famous person’s phone with nudes on it, and I didn’t upload it… I’d be a fuckin’ dumbass.

    • Johnmc


  • Clueless

    Correct me if I am wrong, but if she sent the picture to her boyfriend through direct message and used twitpic, wouldn’t you still be able to see it on her twitpic profile? I know it wouldn’t show up on public twitter, but the twitpic profile you can still see photos. So regardless of whether or not she wanted it to be private, it would’ve been public somehow. I don’t use either, but it seems like there is no private part of twitpic.

  • God

    Tits or GTFO. Alright Hayley, you can stay.