Lady Gaga flashes her vagina | The Blemish

Lady Gaga flashes her vagina

By on May 10, 2010

Lady Gaga walked around Stockholm, Sweden yesterday in a pair of heels so high it looked like she was on stilts. She must have wobbled around like a newborn goat while terrorizing the streets. More importantly however, she also walked around in mesh underwear and flashed her junk to everyone who’d dare to look. It was probably the most exciting thing she’s ever done.


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  • Julie

    Since when did she turn into Courtney Love?

  • Greg

    Fucktard Idiot

  • leonel

    lady gaga is a the real extreme……………

  • leonel

    who knows the number of lady gaga/

  • Stankyu

    Smells like Gulf oil and tuna

  • Shehe

    Dang! Stinky thang? OMG. I have to shower!

  • Danny

    OMG put a hook in those lips and catch a shark! OMG!!!!