Miranda Kerr topless in i-D | The Blemish

Miranda Kerr topless in i-D

By on May 19, 2010

may not be the prettiest Victoria’s Secret model, but at least she gets naked (here, here) all the time like in the Summer 2010 edition of i-D Magazine. The same can’t be said for certain other models, ahem, Alessandra Ambrosio. Other models have a lot to learn from Miranda.

Note: Although it doesn’t look like Miranda Kerr, it is.

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  • umm

    that’s not miranda kerr.

  • gozo

    Yes it’s Moronda Kerr! Look at her mosquito bites, hem…. boobs…. and look at her stupid, ugly face, it’s definitely her!
    Plus, do you any other model who would accept all the cheap jobs and get naked on some magazine every other week??? No!!! So this can only be her!

  • Lenny

    No its not her