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Amanda Bynes was forced into retirement

By on June 22, 2010

The Daily Beast has an interesting read on Amanda Bynes’ “retirement” from acting. They say that it wasn’t so much a retirement as it was her not being able to land roles because of her increasingly erratic behavior and her inability to produce a hit movie.

Amanda was recently fired from the Farrelley brothers’ film Hall Pass. Sources claim she was beginning to act paranoid and fearful. Owen Wilson and the Farrellys wanted her to stay but only if she could get her act together. She didn’t and they let her go. They also kept the camera rolling to show Bynes’ “odd behavior” in case her people decided to sue. Bynes tweeted that she left due to scheduling conflicts. Also, there’s this:

Meanwhile, rumors began to surface that Bynes could be “difficult.” In 2007, she was invited to the Turks and Caicos Film Festival, where she was being honored with a rising star award. And things reportedly didn’t go well.

Shortly after the festival was done, a nasty item appeared on the New York Post’s Page Six alleging that for the event, Bynes demanded two first-class plane tickets, two double hotel suites, and then “failed” to show up at any of the scheduled events she’d committed to. “I literally didn’t see her for days after she arrived at the hotel,” an “organizer” told the gossip column. “Everyone was wondering where she was. She was off jet-skiing, treating it like a vacation.”

They say if Amanda’s last film, Easy A, is a success, studios will want her back thereby putting an end to her retirement. If not, then Amanda will be in Ibiza banging random black dudes. She’ll be livin’ the dream. Kim Kardashian’s dream, I mean.

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  • chewy

    She’s either gonna be doing meth soon or porn.

    • jake

      porn shes hot id buy them lol

  • Colin

    that’s so sad, i loved her on nickelodeon and what i like about you, when i was a kid.

    it’s such a shame she’s gone the way of lindsay lohan.

  • puff

    I’m black and that last part wasn’t needed to be said.

    • Guianna

      I concur…where the fuck did that comment come from?!

    • spins

      agree 100%…

    • ross

      She’s been pretty vocal about her love for black men on her twitter account.

      I still think it was an unnecessary comment. It’s not like the author would’ve put “banging white dudes” as the default.

      • The Blemish

        If she declared her love for white dudes on Twitter, I would.

  • Lady Blah Blah

    I LOVED HER IN WHAT A GIRL WANTS!! too bad it came out on 9/11/2001 and like Glitter it was lost to bomb footage. Only what a girl wants is actually a really good movie with a really good soundtrack! Must admit, my 6 year old girl watches it every day, but it’s still the least annoying thing she watches. Give this chick a chance, her self esteem is on the floor and of course the black guys are circling her puffy booty. she will come back!

  • NeNe

    I never really cared for her to begin with, so hey dem the brakes.

  • Knowlesy


  • Bfeola2

    II think Amanda rocks. Sometimes young women need guidance

  • Gotta love em’

    Who is she kissing in this picture? And she was a great kid! I wish she wasn’t so difficult. She’s a good actor, very pretty, funny. She was my daughters roll model, then it seemed like she stoped making movies.. I guess that why.. But what about that one movie she made recently? The one where she pretends to be her brother and plays soccer?

  • Niklolli

    Ummmmm okay, I’m a white female and I STILL found that last comment to be entirely unnecessary. That being said, she is a cute girl with spunk but I never really thought she was the best actress. Decent, but not incredible. Who knows? Maybe she will come back in a few years and do a good, serious show or movie. Something where she isn’t having to make fun of herself the whole time.

  • Sara

    Wow that ending is ridiculously racist. I’m white, but I would *never* talk about any race that way. Who cares what race of men that she’s banging anyway? Jeez… get your head outta your @$$.