Lindsay met up with Gerard Butler, denied "True Blood" | The Blemish

Lindsay met up with Gerard Butler, denied “True Blood”

By on June 15, 2010

and were caught making out in Morocco last year and now they’re back together again. That or they’re just hugging. I don’t know. The Daily Mail seems to imply there’s something going on between them. Either way, this is a win for genital herpes.

In other news, Lindsay Lohan won’t be a guest star on True Blood or will she. Ryan Kwanten was asked about it at the Sony Playstation’s Move Lounge last night and he said, “Not in the foreseeable future.” Although, when asked if she could play a vampire, “Yeah, she could be a whole bunch of different things,” he hedged. “I’m not one to specify.”

Wait. So he didn’t really give an answer. He just said two things that sounded like answers but contradicted each other. Now I’m even more confused. Is Lindsay a jobless idiot or not?

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  • Sam

    She’s an idiot either way.

  • Johnny

    Lindsay looks old.