Jessica Alba still pretty | The Blemish

Jessica Alba still pretty

By on July 8, 2010

Here’s Jessica Alba at the Chanel show in Paris making every other woman jealous. You could dress her in a rotting deer carcass and she’d still look super hot. She could have a 9-inch penis and I’d still do her. Wait, no. Did I just say that out loud?


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  • Tony

    She doesn’t have to be dressed in a carcass. She’s scrawny enough to BE a carcass. What a waste of a piece of ass.

  • Sam

    I get your point.. but that last part was a little weird. :P

  • lambman

    meh, she’s never done if for me. I’m glad every magazine in the world stopped shoving her talentless ass in our face all the time.

  • Gary Barber

    Pretty? yes but…….. talentless!