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Kristen Stewart thinks she’s important

By on July 1, 2010

Kristen Stewart constantly has a pensive, worried look on her face. Always thinking. Now we know what it’s about. She thinks she’s going to be assassinated on the red carpet. *Twirls finger around ear*

“I don’t feel very comfortable on the red carpet,” she said. “I look out there at a thousand people and I realize they could rush me and assassinate me. No security could protect me. Ostensibly they’re fans, but I think about them turning on me.”

I think she should be more worried about getting mono from fan spittle when they excitedly ask for an autograph than about fans concocting a plan to trample her to death. But if she’s that worried about it, she should just roll around in a hamster ball. That’s what I do.

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  • ma

    she didnt mean that all she did mean that this awhole new world to her so she always worried she always thinking what they thinking about her do they like her or not like thats stuff but if you try to remember kristean always good and nice to her fans she always take pictures with them and stop to twistied her words is you like waiting for amistake she will done she open heart girl she always say what in her heart spontinios despite wrong or not thats why i like her

  • M

    she needs a therapist for that. I mean, seriously. she can call me laurapsychology1.01 – I give psychological consultations and they are free since they are online

  • TLC0519

    Considering the 2000 fans that stormed through hotel security where Kristen & Taylor were giving interviews in Brazil…and the Brazilian National Guard needed to be called in to calm the situation, CAN YOU BLAME HER????? Fans can get over excited which is fine, but 2000 at one time and someone can get trampled or crushed to death. I LOVE her (and all of the stars of twilight) so NO I do not think that is terrible. (this story was shared on David Letterman by Taylor himself)

  • Tammy

    One word…Selena!

  • Raina

    Yeah. Don’t compare her to Selena.. Anyway. This bitch thinks she’s just SO important. Idiot. -.-;

    • Tcarra

      what makes her a bitch? Because she doesn’t like 100 flashes going off in her face? Or MOBS of people following her all the time? If you don’t like her fine, everyone is entitled to like who they like. But why take time out of your miserable life to comment if you think she’s a bitch. It just makes you look stupid for wasting your time following someone only to make rude and annoying comments.

  • MALA