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Kate Gosselin wants to be an actor now

By on August 30, 2010

Kate Gosselin made the most out of her Emmy invite by mingling with the likes of Jon Hamm and Edie Falco and other actors, directors and producers in an attempt to make connections so she can start her acting career which in turn will get her a man. God. This annoying banshee gets one invitation to the Emmys and all of a sudden she thinks she can be an actor.

“Kate has made her mind up that she’s going to be an actress and hopes her new profession will result in her finding a new man,” a Gosselin pal told the gossip website.

Having enjoyed her time as a reality star – thanks to runs on TLC’s “Jon & Kate Plus 8″ and ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars” – the single mother of eight reportedly wants to shift gears and focus on scripted TV work.

“The show she would really like to be cast in is ‘Mad Men,’” the source said in all seriousness.

That sound you hear is the laughter of a thousand execs and producers across the nation. The only show I’d watch Kate Gosselin in is “Kate Sews Her Womb Shut And Is Thrown Into A Volcano.” And it better not be on cable because there’s no way I’m going to pay extra for something that should be government sponsored.

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  • Attention Whores r Us

    She should be a wrestler like Franken Chyna was. She looks manly enough.

  • Mirage

    She makes such a big deal about her being there for her kids and who will take care of them when she is off doing her thing?……There is something very wrong with this woman.

    • Chewy

      Her problem is her ego. She actually thinks she has something worthwhile to contribute.

  • Flyhighwithsky

    She can not be worse than any of the other creatures in hollyweird.

  • susie

    Let me think now – I bet her next want will be to take over Katie Couric’s job as a news anchor. Get real…

  • jake sully

    Her 15 minutes should be up by now. Please go away.

  • Esci

    If she is on anything the ratings will be down for sure. She is not liked and just down right disgusting. Boring for sure but she did the wrong so she is done and so will anyone that puts her on a show.

  • fjdksla;

    Why was she invited to the emmys? and did she really mingle with these people? I bet she is a bore and can’t sustain a conversation for long if it isn’t about her. I love MM and if she gets a part on this show it will kill me!!

  • ern

    so what if this hot cougar goes in the biz, we can see more of what she’s hiding, right, RIGHT !

  • john birch

    I do indeed believe that Ms. gosselin could become a very successful actor -in the porn industry. She certainly has the body for it now. If she got into the bondage/fetish part of the porn industry, I’m sure many of us would pay to see someone “disciplining” her.