Look, it's Snooki's bare ass | The Blemish

Look, it’s Snooki’s bare ass

By on August 16, 2010

While it’s easy to tell Snooki is wearing underwear, the mere suggestion that she wasn’t is enough to make me want to vomit. So don’t even ask what these pictures of Snooki covering her bare ass while running into a house did to me. Not only have I been visually raped but I’m now trying to wrap my head around how someone’s ass can eat their underwear. God, she must be so hungry. If you need me, I’ll be lying in the fetal position rocking back and forth and dry heaving.

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  • NeNe

    She is a gross disgusting pig. She should be ashamed of herself. Even yet, I hope her mom is proud of her little piggy.

  • jess

    Why bother covering that booty if you’re going to wear something designed to show ALL of it?

    I admit, I think she’s got a stimulating little chubby body and I’d love to get a wiff of her booty.

  • tcjosh

    id lick that ass

  • Judahmonk

    Yes I would like some of that ass. White girls hate away.

  • Pablo

    I would do her.

  • Keon56

    i cud kock in dat ass

  • Awww yea

    Stfu everyone snooki is the sexiest little shit
    ever I wanna stick my dick so far up that jersey ass and then bend her over my lap
    So I can spank it and stick my tounge in it

  • Sexy ass on Snookers

    Fuk all u haters if I ever got a chance to bang that sweet jersey ass aww man you don’t know half the things I’d do to that man I just wanna spank that fat shit ass so fucking bad. I wanna make that pig squeal. I’d also fuck the shit outta her sexy ass friend deena I’d rather have a one night stand with the two meatballs than Megan fox.

  • Brucekanuho

    hey snooki  i like ur sweet ass u get me so horny just by looking at ur sweet ass

  • Thong

    why you have her ass blocked so we cant see it

  • Fuckyou

    I would fukk the hell out of snooki

  • Benagbyanni

    I wanna fuck her so bad…..

  • Bill

    I would totally lick that ass

  • Fernan125agen

    well I just wanna fuck dat ass so damn hard hehe all night long!–! idk what yall niqqas wanna do wit it!!-but dats all Wat I want

  • Derrick C

    Snooki got a nice big ass!!!!!

  • Carlos Hernandez5475

    snooki let me hit it…please…

  • 0_0

    Nice ass that all I have to say

  • Orion58

    I hate Snooki! But I love her fat ass.