Taylor Lautner is whiny | The Blemish

Taylor Lautner is whiny

By on August 24, 2010

is suing McMahon’s RV for failing to deliver a fully loaded trailer worth $30,000 to him by the agreed upon date of June 21. Lautner claims McMahon’s RV breached contract and caused him “emotional distress” and “annoyance.”

Wait. You can sue for being annoyed? Well I’m annoyed at Jessica Alba for not letting me sleep with her. I’d like to sue for that. According to this contract, we should have had sex three weeks ago. What? Seems fake? No, sir. It’s written in crayon because that’s the only writing instrument I we had around at the time. I even had it notarized. Don’t you see the Hello Kitty! sticker on the bottom right?

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  • Lalo

    I love Lost Boys and Anne Rice too (BTW did you know she turned born again and recoennud the whole vampire series???) BUT I am just such a lover of the vampire mythology that pretty much anything can suck me in (ah, geeze, sadly, pun WAS intended ) I love True Blood and can even get into the Twilight series I gotta say though the movie really went over the deep end I mean the book is pretty melodramatic but he was so randomly hysterical and hyperbolicly emotional. Still I must confess I read the whole series, and will be seeing New Moon confession complete.