Jennifer Lopez on 'American Idol' almost a done deal | The Blemish

Jennifer Lopez on ‘American Idol’ almost a done deal

By on September 2, 2010

Turns out is still one of the top picks to be a judge on . Despite rumors to the contrary which said negotiations ended because of her diva-like demands, sources tell TMZ that, barring any last-minute snags, the deal could signed as early as next week.

“‘Idol’ sources say producers believe Jennifer is the key to re-energizing the show.”

Are we talking about the same Jennifer Lopez? The only energy she could bring to the show is emphatic wheezing as she reaches for the last donut.

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  • guest

    I love how American Idol casts “JUDGES” who can’t sing. Irony.

  • longbongsilver

    I just love that she has breasts worth looking at now.