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Lindsay does drugs because she’s bored

By on September 21, 2010

Experts say Lindsay Lohan is expected to spend at most 5 days in jail and not the full 30 days she’s expected to get. Mostly due to overcrowding and blah blah. Not a surprise given that celebrities are better than us.

Now that that surprising revelation is out of the way, a source is telling FOX that Lindsay does drugs out of boredom and the only reason she went on Twitter was because her friends who’ve seen her doing drugs would have sold her out.

“Right now Lindsay is feeling really low — really terrible,” the pal added. β€œShe’s like, “Wow, I got set up again.’”

According to the insider, the actress originally had good intentions. “When she first got out of rehab, she took it seriously. She didn’t want to do drugs or get back into that lifestyl,” the pal said. “But then, she had all these people around her who were doing drugs in front of her, and that’s when she slipped.

“A few weeks ago, I saw Lindsay out, and she was in a weird state of mind. It was terrible. She wasn’t her fresh self like when she first got out of rehab. It was like she didn’t care anymore.”

It’s Lindsay’s own damn fault for hanging out with her druggie friends again. Isn’t that the first thing they teach her in rehab. To not hang out with her druggie friends. Talking to Lindsay is like talking to a brick wall except worse because you can get through to a brick wall easier. I have about as much sympathy for Lindsay as I do for the ant I just stepped on. The judge should give her a real punishment this time. Like in addition to jail sentence her to manual labor. Celebrities hate having to do normal people jobs. They recoil in fear at the mere mention of any appearance without a gifting suite.

Lindsay getting a facial after a warrant was issued for her arrest. She’s not doing real time so why should she be worried.

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  • Sheinz57

    If she is that bored the state of california will show her how to make license plates. She can do that for about a year to get her effing plastic head straight again!!!!

  • Logan

    Lindsay does drugs because she is bored and a total dumba**.

  • Guest of a Guest

    Jail doesn’t work, she’s a dual diagnosis addict. Would you lock up a diabetic? It’s a disease, not a character flaw, not a choice-she’s not doing this for fun, it’s psychiatric, behavioral, and physical disease. AA works for about 12% of users, no one knows how it works, and it’s the best treatment program around. An alcoholic is more likely to die than to stop. It doesn’t help that she is the sole support of her family and has NPD, it’s the worst combo to have as a dual diagnosis. Jail isn’t going to help, possibly a long term rehab of 18 months but it’s just as likely she’ll be in a bar 24 hours after release like she was last month. She lost her career and she still can’t stop doing drugs and drinking, at that moment she can’t stop no matter what the consequences are, that’s the sad life of millions of addicts in this country. She’s no different than anyone else, and punishing her with jail is not going to make a change. It’s like throwing a drop of water on a roaring fire. It is up to her now. We are very unenlightened about how to treat people with these disorders, it costs billions a year, there is one bed for every 200-300 people who need treatment. Don’t expect much, because it’s far more likely she will always be like this and make poor decisions and get in trouble, this isn’t even close to being over.

    • Jimmy

      Fuck off, disease. Drug use is a choice, and this idiot chose unwisely. Classifying a bad choice as a “disease” is an insult to anyone that actually suffers from a disease. I bet if authorities stuck this dumb cunt into general population instead of continually coddling her freckled ass, there would be a change of tune.