Tiger Woods is back | The Blemish

Tiger Woods is back

By on October 1, 2010

I love The Daily Mail. They always have ridiculously altered photos of celebrity fat or hilarious finds like this one of peeping at Katherine Jenkin’s ass as she performs during the Ryder Cup opening ceremony. If Tiger looked any shiftier, people might think he queefed.

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  • Guest

    The other bald dude is staring at that ass too

  • lvr

    Tiger likey da white meat!

  • chabolta

    Actually, it looks like he went through some kind of Clockwork Orange treatment. He’s looking at that white ass like “the pain is coming back…no….”

  • Mollie

    ALL 3 are staring at the eyes on her booty! You can barely see the one eye of the guy in the middle but he’s looking too.