Jake doesn't want Taylor to see him naked | The Blemish

Jake doesn’t want Taylor to see him naked

By on November 8, 2010

Taylor Swift was not invited to the premiere of Jake Gyllenhaal’s new movie Love and Other Drugs because he’s constantly naked and Jake thinks it’s too early for Taylor to see him that way.

“Jake is making no secret that he spends most of the film naked,” a friend laughs. “In fact, you get to see so much of Jake in the original cut that the director made a few edits to try and take the focus off Jake’s naked ass and back onto the story.”

Kanye West needs to send Jake a bracelet with “WWKD” or “What Would Kanye Do?” inscribed on it. Kanye would not only make Taylor watch the movie but he’d also send her pictures of his dong. Every day. Even if they’re not dating.

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  • Davidhott

    That guy is such a pussy, he’s afraid that Taylor will be disappointed and run away heheh

  • Besch

    Because she’s a girl.

  • Is this really journalism?

    Are people really making fun of a guy with a sense of decency? I give props to Jake for being someone who understands that there is such a thing of a girl not needing to be regaled with images of his naked body in the beginning of a relationship.