Jessica Simpson's Thanksgiving will be jiggly and weird | The Blemish

Jessica Simpson’s Thanksgiving will be jiggly and weird

By on November 24, 2010

Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson are celebrating Thanksgiving in New York for the first time with a tofu turkey. You see, Eric is a vegan which is extremely surprising because Jessica is from Texas where everything is fried or slathered in bbq sauce and served in a ten gallon hat. Not sure if I messed up a few stereotypes there but,

“After getting out of the NFL, [Eric] went to this healer and is very healthy,” Simpson, 30, told Jimmy Fallon of her vegan husband-to-be. “For Thanksgiving we have to make a Tofurkey! It doesn’t sound right! It’s gonna be jiggly and weird.”

“Jiggly and weird.” Sort of like Jessica’s belly. Amirite? High five! Just kidding. But no, really. Isn’t tofu Jessica’s kryptonite? I heard if she even touches that or a salad, she’ll go into anaphylactic shock.

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