Kristen Stewart gives lousy lap dances | The Blemish

Kristen Stewart gives lousy lap dances

By on November 12, 2010

A preview clip of Kirsten Stewart sort of giving a lap dance in her upcoming movie Welcome to the Rileys was released and it’s way better than anything she’s ever done in the Twilight series. Kristen plays underage stripper Mallory and tries giving James Ganldolfini a lap dance in the scene. She still acts exactly as lip bitey as she does in her other movies but this time she flashes her ass. Like my next door neighbor always said, “a little ass goes a long way.” Hey, wait a minute…

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  • chester

    Um, there’s a little bit of spunk in the corner of your mouth…got it.

  • Kelly

    She was not giving him a lap dance. She was trying to get him to either have sex, or whatever so she could get some money.
    I saw this movie, and it was great! James, Melissa, and Kristen did an amazing job in it!

    • The Blemish

      Why you gotta ruin my fantasies?

  • moviesdeck

    I am pretty sure it will pump the Vampire lovers to go after her latest upcoming movie in the Twilight series.