Rihanna turned down Playboy | The Blemish

Rihanna turned down Playboy

By on November 19, 2010

Rihanna revealed on Hot 97′s The Angie Martinez Show that she’s received offers to do Playboy but turned them down. Rihanna says she will only do nudity if it’s classy.

“I got a few offers to do Playboy actually. They want to pay [me] to be naked on the cover,” she said.

“If I’m gonna take my clothes off, it has to be in a classy way and my will, not a check. I wouldn’t take any money to do that.”

That’s why whenever I do nude photo shoots I always request a top hat and a monocle. You got to keep things sophisticated. This boy ain’t no dime store whore.

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  • dkfy

    She has too many Herpes lesions on her gooch to airbrush…her pics would look like a fuzzy, brown smear.

  • jeffhanson1

    Sure thing dkfy. I think Paris Hilton has more herpes lesions than her. Would look like white-out smear if airbrushed.