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Taylor Momsen suspended from ‘Gossip Girl’

By on November 23, 2010

Last we saw of Taylor Momsen she was still dressing like a scorned thrift store goth and complaining about how her parents robbed her of a childhood. Before that she was flashing her nipples and talking about vibrators. Project Runway’s Tim Gunn even called her a diva and said she was pathetic and couldn’t even remember what little lines she had. He then questioned why everyone was being held hostage by “this brat.”

Seems the CW agrees with Gunn’s sentiments and have suspended Taylor Momsen from Gossip Girl indefinitely. Not that big of a deal as Taylor has appeared in only three episodes this season. Reps for CW and WB wouldn’t comment but sources tell Deadline she’ll be gone for at least four episodes starting with the mid-season finale on Dec. 6.

Perfect. This gives Taylor more time to spiral her life out of control. First it’s diva behavior, then it’s nipple tape, then it’s marijuana and then it’s an uncontrollable coke habit. The CW network is a gateway drug.

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  • chester

    More time for her to degrade herself by banging the shit out of me!

  • Chewy

    Look at those fat stubby fingers and the beginnings of a double chin. It’s time for her to face the facts. Youse a has-been Taylor!

  • http://hermanbumfudle.livejournal.com/ Herman Bumfudle

    gossip girls is a television program who’s success is derived from people who enjoy criticizing the antics of rich kids, claiming that taylor is to risky because her private life gives people something to talk about. whaaaaaat?

  • http://bellah-halle.livejournal.com/ Herman Bumfudle

    my guess is that the network wanted someone else to be the star, but that someone else just couldn’t shine.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_RWMWD7NWHY55H3YH5GTBO7ARME timmytimtim

    Love Taylor, she writes,plays and sings her own songs !! plus-The Kardashian ripoff card In addition to a cost of between $59.95 and $99.95 to activate—”an unprecedented starter fee for prepaid cards”—it includes a whole bunch of other “abnormally high fees” including a $7.95 monthly fee after the initial purchase period, a $9.95 card replacement fee ($25 if you want it expedited!), and a $6 fee if you cancel the account and want your balance mailed by check.