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Chelsea Handler can’t stop talking about Angelina

By on December 9, 2010

Popeater says Jennifer Aniston told Chelsea Handler to please STFU about Angelina Jolie and that she’s “furious with Chelsea for bringing the whole situation back to life again.” Sources say Jen hasn’t felt this betrayed since John Mayer held a press conference to announce their breakup.

Turns out Handler didn’t take the hint because in an interview with Katie Couric on Glamour, she again attacks Angelina.

KATIE COURIC: Your humor can be pretty out there. Do you self-edit?
CHELSEA HANDLER: I’m pretty clear about what I’m willing to say and the lengths I’m willing to go, and I think it’s important to be politically incorrect. You don’t want to be nasty, and you don’t want to be malicious. But it’s OK—I mean, funny trumps everything in my mind.

KATIE COURIC: Is there anybody who really makes you laugh? A woman who really makes you laugh, other than me?
CHELSEA HANDLER: Jennifer Aniston makes me laugh. She’s irreverent and hilarious, and she sends me really, really funny e-mails.

KATIE COURIC: She’s funny?

KATIE COURIC: And speaking of that, wow, girl, you went off on Angelina Jolie recently.
CHELSEA HANDLER: Yeah, I’m not a fan. She just doesn’t come off to me as a sincere woman. She seems like a woman that you’d really want to avoid.

KATIE COURIC: What’s your take on bullying?
CHELSEA HANDLER: I think bullying of anybody, whether they’re gay or straight or anything in high school is unbearable. I dealt with it, and I did it. It’s terrible. And you want the school to tell people that at some point you all grow up, and it was a terrible thing to do, and be a reminder of it’s never acceptable. I was tortured for a year in school by the older girls. They didn’t like the way I looked; I dated a guy that was a senior when I was a freshman. And it was awful. But I think bullies just need to be taught by their parents how to treat other people.

The most idiotic thing about this interview is when Chelsea condemns bullying. May I remind you this is after she calls Angelina an insincere b*tch c*nt home-wrecker. Golf clap.

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  • Chewy

    Isn’t she a racist? Yeah, I think she’s a racist. Go google her comments on Asians.

  • chester

    Who cares what she says? She’s a life support system for a old, beat up vagina.

  • Rivertour

    Sounds like it is Katie Couric who brought it up. What would you expect a comic in the style of Don Rickles to say. Personally I enjoy Chelsea and respect the fact that she speaks her mind, as brutal as it is sometimes. I’d much rather that than a Katie Couric and her followers…eeerrrrr!!!…Lemmings…The liberal crap she spews is so biased it isn’t even worth the time to listen. I’m a liberal myself, but I’d rather take in my news unbiased, thank you.

  • uradick

    What’s the big deal?

    Speaking of bullying:”Isn’t she a racist? Yeah, I think she’s a racist.” and “She’s a life support system for a old, beat up vagina. “

  • Peace

    I have someting to say to Chelsea Handler about what she said about Angelina Jolie. Chelsea Handler, you’re a foul mouthed woman. I wonder if Jennifer Aniston pay you to do all of these? Why are you doing this suddenly when Angelina’s movie is out? You are the most unsincere celebrity I’ve ever seen. You’re insincere and most foul mouthed celebrity I’ve ever seen. Angelina is a sincere and good person than any person you know. Don’t ever say bad things about her and hurt her ever again. I won’t tolerate that.

  • Aerpro

    Chelsea Handler is nothing but a white trash. She should look at herself first before she criticizes other people. Everybody knows Angelina Jolie is a very elegant and smart woman to even pay attention to her trashy mouth. Chelsea Handler is nothing but a copycat.