Miley Cyrus took nude cell phone pics of herself | The Blemish

Miley Cyrus took nude cell phone pics of herself

By on December 2, 2010

As predicted, Miley Cyrus’ foray into adulthood quickly led to the leaking of nude cell phone pics of herself. Sadly, this was taken when she was 17 while she was staying at the Westin Palace Hotel in Madrid in early November so I’m not sure the black bars can be removed but use your imagination. I used mine and saw a dying unicorn surrounded by crying Disney execs. What did you see?

Update: Supposedly the nude is a fake and is actually of this girl (NSFW). So, who knows.

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  • Elbajo8888

    Why about these pictures?×325.jpg

    Which were leaked alongside those pictures, and which were clearly taken at her house.

    So fun.

  • Chris

    I see a criminal act of theft and invasion of privacy being aided and abetted by “The Blemish.” My hope is that you will be arrested and prosecuted along with the thief.

    • The Blemish

      Man, these rorschach tests get wildly different results, don’t they?

    • chester

      God you’re a fag. Go find a nice, high place and jump.

    • Dave

      @Chris this isnt’t the only site with these pics O_O

  • Candynoblet22

    Does no one have a sense of humor? The blemish cracks me up on every post. Don’t take shit so seriously (speaking to the two fruits whining in their comments).

    • chester

      Fuck you. I want Chris to jump off a cliff.

  • Pathorick

    look at the square jawline.. this is obviously not her pointed chin at all…

  • Hayden

    Haha…….. what a whore

  • Mark

    Still waiting :(

    • seth

      Uncle mark you pervert

  • CyrusBucks Coffee™ ?

    they said its fake! stop it! theres no tattoo under her breast. not miley!!!!!

  • 17R3W

    Oh please let these be real. And for legality please let them have been take since her birthday.

  • morgan

    u could at least see her boobs come on it was shit

  • GIGO

    I want UNcensored pics!!!!!!!!

  • GIGO

    I want UNcensored pics!!!!!!!!

  • Ryan Carosi

    Hey miley Cyrus I want to see your fucking tits and Harry vagina