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Anne Hathaway Will Guest Star on ‘Glee’

By on January 17, 2011

Backstage at the on Sunday night, went up to co-creator on her way to the bathroom and pitched an episode she thought of for the show guest starring herself.

“She wants to play Chris Colfer’s lesbian aunt. She presented the whole episode. She came up with the songs,” said Ryan. He added, “I love her and would definitely be interested.”

And just like that, it’s confirmed. Anne Hathaway will make a guest appearance on Glee. Because when Anne Hathaway pitches a show to you, you just don’t say no.

Although I think this is sort of bulls**t. I pitched my own episode of Glee to Ryan and he never got back to me. Granted, I did corner him at the urinal while he was peeing and the way I excitedly shook him as I pitched the idea may have been a little, how should I say, off-putting.
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