Charlie Sheen Will Rehab at Home | The Blemish

Charlie Sheen Will Rehab at Home

By on January 31, 2011

A big fuss was made about sending Charlie Sheen to rehab and getting help. It seems after much cajoling his friends finally got through to him. Sort of.

TMZ says Charlie Sheen won’t go to a rehab facility but will instead have an addiction expert come to his house to help him out. Charlie’s people claim it’s for privacy reasons. Also because none of the rehab facilities Charlie checked out allowed porn stars and blow. Something about relapse and feeding his addiction. You know. A lot of medical mumbo jumbo.

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  • broham

    Sweet!!! And all his friends (and hookers) can come over and jeez, could this be a ploy to squeeze more dough $$$$ out CBS….GENIUS!!!