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‘Jersey Shore’ Going to Italy

By on January 25, 2011

MTV’s hotbed of stds will pack up their Valtrex prescriptions and make their way to Italy, home of their fake, overly tanned, gelled lifestyle, where season four of will be filmed. Production in Europe will begin this spring.

“While the stateside ‘Jersey Shore’ locales have become iconic for our audience it’s really the constantly evolving dynamic amongst the cast that keeps them coming back each season and Europe is a fresh spin on a show that continues to reach new heights for us,” Chris Linn, Executive Vice President of Programming and Head of Production for MTV said in a statement. “The cast is headed to the birthplace of the culture they love and live by. We can’t wait to see what erupts as a result.”

Considering the show’s two biggest stars, JWoww and Snooki, aren’t even Italian, things might get a little awkward when people start speaking Italian to them and Snooki starts responding in Spanish. She might get punched in the face again. This is going to be awesome.

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  • Bluball

    oh gawd

    • http://theblemish.com The Blemish

      Is that an excited “oh gawd?” Muahahhaa

  • chstr

    I hope they boil that water…

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1241875564 Laura Pearce

    I’ll admit …I watch that show. there I said it.