Jim Carrey Parodies Black Swan on SNL | The Blemish

Jim Carrey Parodies Black Swan on SNL

By on January 10, 2011

Jim Carrey hosted SNL last Saturday where he parodied Black Swan. He put on a tutu, tattooed buffalo wings on his back and shimmied back and forth. He also looked absolutely terrifying in Black Swan makeup. But he was just as sensual and graceful as Mila Kunis. I’d hit it. With a bat.

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  • Expletive:BMP

    Was it awesome? Yeah, it was awesome, I guess, but too much fire marshal. I’m jaded I guess, seen it all, boring boring dull dull. Saw Dead Man’s Shoes last night, now that, was a movie, or something to call awesome. Jim Carey doing something that is essentially his element; that’s like me masturbating, or self condemning myself for being wicked, or knocking yous maggots for your biased ill-gotten morality; ultimately it’s just so much spamming, on his part, mine, and yous maggots for being lame.