Christina Aguilera Fell at the 2011 Grammy Awards | The Blemish

Christina Aguilera Fell at the 2011 Grammy Awards

By on February 13, 2011

A week after mangling the national anthem at the Super Bowl, redeemed herself at the Grammys with her performance of Ain’t No Way as part of a tribute to Aretha Franklin. She was joind by Jennifer Hudson, Martina McBride, Florence Welch and Yolanda Adams who all sang one of Aretha’s classics.

This would be a short redemption though because she fell on her ass at the end. So to answer your question, yes, Christina Aguilera is now entirely incapable of making it through a national performance without embarrassing herself in one way or another. Okay, to be fair, it was just a slip but still, haha, fatty.

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  • Elliesongs101

    Christina did not fall on her ass, she just slipped., My Gosh, you people love tearing this poor chick down.

  • Stop Being Fat

    Christina Aguilerra is considered “celebrity” therefore she has a narcissism about her and craves attention & the spotlight, therefore the public has the right to critique her flaws accordingly. Now, that aside, she is too fat now and her balance is way off because of her fat so she tripped. Time for her to get a dietitian and personal trainer.

    • Stop being stupid.

      “Therefore she has a narcissism about her?” You are stupid. Time for you to get a brain transplant.

    • Is this for real?

      You’re a fucking moron. Christina Aguilera is not fat. Generalizing like that is usually an indication of narrow-mindedness and stupidity. And calling someone Christina Aguilera’s size fat is part of what causes so many young girls to become anorexic and bulimic and grow so many insecurities about their looks. Christina may have messed up once or twice, but she has a track record of EXCELLENT singing skills and very good performences. Stop being a shallow prick.

  • Is this for real?

    It’s not a big deal. It’s not even a thing to report on.

  • Fatties Unite

    Errr yeahh Aguilera doesn’t look fat, spoken like a true fat female fan. If Christina has friends like you in her life she would keep blowing up cuz you lie to her. She IS overweight I’m FAR from the only person to see this OBVIOUS weight problem, and her face looks swollen to top it off. If she wants to be HEALTHY she needs to LOSE WEIGHT aka STOP BEING FAT. So, put down your pizza & diet coke, close your fat mouth & open your eyes retard.

    • Kzantana

      wrt her weight gain, she was probably just being in character for Aretha part. lolz

  • Me

    To everyone calling her fat, you’re pretty stupid cause I’m sure there’s women in your life who you love that are a lot fatter than her, so just stop being ridiculous. It’s so ridiculous that a size 6 is considered fat in the celebrity world, yet the average woman is a size 12. Stop being dense please please! You do not have to be a size 0 to be healthy! I personally know a lot of healthy women between size 6-12. IDIOTS! Woman are all built differently and just about all gain some weight as they get older so get over yourselves.

  • Laurie

    you guys make me sick! she gains weight & you all start calling her fatty?? &  WHAT you never slipped & fell before WOW I applaud you!! you just reminded me why media bottom feeding flakes like yourselves are behind the scenes..poking snotty A$$ remarks like school yard shes got a true talented Voice..there are many legends in music history that are either over weight or battle with it..this dont seem to bother Christina so why should it bother you? lol.. I am sure in her own time & in her own way she gets back in shape, or maybe she enjoys letting go a little, who cares as long as shes healthy & happy neither should anyone else, I just hope she continues to sing because shes got a lovely set of pipes on her!!