Emma Watson Has Dress Malfunction at Pre-BAFTA Party | The Blemish

Emma Watson Has Dress Malfunction at Pre-BAFTA Party

By on February 14, 2011

Emma Watson hit up a Pre-BAFTA party over the weekend in a blue dress with a plunging neckline when her nipple tape sang “forget you” and left. At that exact moment, cameras flashed so now we have Emma Watson nipple. It was glorious. I think I heard angels sing. She also flashed her panties again. Although this would have been much hotter if she had her long hair. Now it just looks like I’m whacking off to Carey Mulligan.

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  • http://bellah-halle.livejournal.com/ Herman Bumfudle

    uuumm! that looks so delicious.

  • realman

    Oh, that was TOTALLY unexpected…she had nipple rouge on…what horseshit.

  • Go Away Kid Touchers!

    Gross. She is 20, can’t even legally drink alcohol in USA, who cares if you can see her little boobies? Not exciting, But I see she wasted no time shopping at overpriced old lady haven Chanel boutique.

    • http://twitter.com/Saerain Kyle Rybski

      It is a new and quirky world where eying a 20-year-old makes one a ‘kid toucher.’

  • Sugar22

    Lol sexualizing what looks like a prepubescent 16 yr old is weird & quirky, ya she’s legal but looks real young & can’t even drink alcohol legally yet.

    • QA_MAN2001

      Maybe she can’t drink alcohol in a backward country like America but she can where she comes from and also became sexually ‘legal’ at age 16.