I Think I'm Going to Hurl | The Blemish

I Think I’m Going to Hurl

By on February 10, 2011

and released a video to promote their new fragrance, Unbreakable, which I’m guessing smells like fermented cheese and leftover pizza.

The commercial features both of them half-naked with Khloe straddling Lamar Odom like a chimpanzee. That’s pretty much the whole thing. Suffice to say, this is gross and now my eyes won’t stop burning.

Did you know it was in HD too? Welcome to hell, my friends.

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  • YZZ

    To differentiate between GaGa’s perfume and hers, KK mixes puke and shit with the blood and semen. That’s gotta be a hit!

  • C M E S

    who ever wrote this, has no life n what a d**k