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Jamie Foxx Got Into a Fight

By on February 11, 2011

Jamie Foxx was at the Belvedere Red party at Avalon last night where he and a friend got into a fight (grainy video at TMZ). The friend got Jamie in a headlock before security dragged him out in a choke hold.

Witnesses say the two were in a long conversation and engaged in “a pretty intense handshake” when the guy pulled Jamie down and put him in a headlock. No cops were called and no injuries were reported. Damien Dante Wayans, who witnessed the incident, said it was “a little altercation… between two friends.”

Let me start up my speculation machine and see what it has to say. Hm, says here that “Jamie Foxx nailed that guy’s girlfriend and he got mad.” Sure, why not.

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  • realman

    To quote Eddie Murphy (sort of) “just because you can ‘act tough’ in a movie doesn’t mean you are.” Jamie probably got bitch slapped by a “man” that he got up on and then cried like a pussy to security.

  • Rhino

    I can’t stand that dude.