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Justin Bieber Says Everything Happens for a Reason Including Rape

By on February 16, 2011

Why anyone would ask a 16-year-old for their opinion on anything is beyond me. Kids are all idiots at that age. Rolling Stone, however, thought it’d be a great idea to get Justin Bieber’s opinion on various topics such as politics, rape and sex. Guess how that turned out?

Rolling Stone asks Justin about abstinence before marriage. He’s a little wishy-washy in his response.

“I don’t think you should have sex with anyone unless you love them. I think you should just wait for the person you’re…in love with.”

I guess he really, really wants to or already has nailed Selena Gomez.

Bieber was also asked if ever planned on becoming an American citizen. He said no and described America as evil because of the non-Canadian health care system.

“You guys are evil,” he says with a laugh. “Canada’s the best country in the world. We go to the doctor and we don’t need to worry about paying him, but here, your whole life, you’re broke because of medical bills. My bodyguard’s baby was premature, and now he has to pay for it. In Canada, if your baby’s premature, he stays in the hospital as long as he needs to, and then you go home.”

Of course he’d love it. With the amount of times he’s going to get his ass-kicked, those bills add up.

Asked what political party he’d support once he’s old enough to vote, he shrugged his shoulders and said not Korea. It’s at this point we realize he’s an idiot.

“I’m not sure about the parties,” Bieber says. “But whatever they have in Korea, that’s bad.”

Wait. North or South Korea or both? Whatever the case, what the hell does that have to do with voting in Canada? That’s like being asked, “Who would you rather have sex with: Scarlett Johansson or Kelly Brook?,” and answering, “Not Sherri Shepherd. She’s ugly.” That’s great but that wasn’t the question.

The topic then moves on to abortion which Justin Bieber says he’s against. When asked about cases of rape he says everything happens for a reason.

“I really don’t believe in abortion,” Bieber says. “It’s like killing a baby?” How about in cases of rape? “Um. Well, I think that’s really sad, but everything happens for a reason. I guess I haven’t been in that position, so I wouldn’t be able to judge that.”

I don’t know guys. How is a baby made? Can someone tell Justin. He seems unsure.

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  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_JOWVAEYAV77DOUC53XOTKZOYDA Bangsmoke

    It’s a combination of his being young, being “coached” what to say, and not wanting to offend anyone (or their mothers).

    • Girl

      Rape happens for a reason…..OFFENDED! Looks like he needs some more practice with that.

      • ray

        if you care to realise he didn’t say ‘rape happens for a reason’ im pretty sure he was saying that you get pregnant for a reason. don’t jump to conclusions, okay?

      • ugh

        i’m pretty sure he means it happens for a reason because it’s part of god’s plan not because of the person

    • X

      “You guys are evil.” Nope. Not offensive at all.

      • hdhd

        that part is actually reasonable

  • Amy

    Is he stupid?

    • karla


    • Fluttershy


  • Nurihan

    what the fck

  • quinn

    he’s right. Rape does happen for a reason. The reason being some guy decided to go out and rape somebody.

    This turd does not speak for canadians…

    • Lu

      We all know that he doesn’t speak for canadians btw :)

    • KonohaNinja

      I was just about to say the same thing, thumbs up

    • some dude in canada

      Your only partly right. rape happens because SOMEONE or SOMEONES decides to go out and rape SOMEONE or SOMEONES, since women rape too, and sometimes men rape men. just sayin >_>

      • Jordan Drexler

        every 1 in 1000 rapists is a woman ie 0.1% of rapists are women. so people clearly are going to say that men are rapists, not women when the numbers are like that

        • Anon

          It’s actually not at all that small. The Home Office (in England) estimate that 1 in 20 women have been victims of sexual assault and this number is pretty widely agreed upon (by parties that include the CDC).

          Meanwhile, the CDC also report that one in 21 men have been victims of sexual assault. That’s a difference of 0.2%.

          The gap only widens when you talk about reported and/or convicted rapists. There are a myriad of factors stopping both men and women from reporting cases and most studies agree that far fewer men report rape incidents. Couple this with the fact that the legal system is woefully inadequate towards females charged with rape (9% of people charged with rape and only 1% of people imprisoned for it were women)

          • Jordan Drexler

            I was talking about rapists, not rape victims. and in america, 1 in 3 women have been victims of sexual assault

            • Jennifer

              also ‘sexual assault’ and rape are not nessisarily the same thing – sexual assault can be verbal too, or sexually inappropriate contact ( like grabbing someones ass ) so while 1 in 21 men can be victims of sexual assault ( which is still bad obviously ) it doesn’t necessarily mean rape, so technically you can both be correct !

  • quinn

    Thank god no one confused him further by telling him there are actually two koreas..

  • Renegade slave

    Bieber is a dumbass and the person who wrote this article is a fucking retard for thinking “Why anyone would ask a 16-year-old for their opinion on anything is beyond me. Kids are all idiots at that age.” Seriously? all idiots hahahaha Down with the illuminati new world order scum! wake UP people!!!! PEACE and LOVE is The answer!!!!

    • cinna

      Er, most 16 year olds are pretty stupid. I’m assuming that includes you since you 1. randomly referenced the Illuminati which 2. isn’t real and never has been and if you believe that horseshit then YOU are brainwashed.

      • Jess

        Dear Cinna, the illuminati is historically real. I knew this when I was 16 because I paid attention in my history classes. It was, in brief, an organization for the great masters at the time (in art, science and maths.. etc etc) to express themselves without TOO much of the catholic church baring down on them.

    • Nightwing

      Honestly these days I think young people are much smarter then some of the older folks [not all, but some]. I see reactions of people everyday between the ages of 15-19 to stupid political actions, and they know it is bad decision making.
      One day, our generation will take over the government and get rid of all the pork and corruption in the U.S. Capital.
      -The 18 year old Optimist

      • rdfxgsadf


  • Adfgh

    “I don’t know guys. How is a baby made? Can someone tell Justin. He seems unsure.”

    how is babby formed

    • rabbit


  • Nikki

    Well, his answers arent very well thought out at all obviously.
    But “Why anyone would ask a 16-year-old for their opinion on anything is beyond me. Kids are all idiots at that age.” Wow. You know, you’re right. You have to be over 18 to have logical opinions. Intelligence doesn’t hit until you’re older, kids. *sigh* Not ALL teens are idiots. Whoever wrote that must know the wrong “kids”

    • karla

      he forgot to mention all canadians and americans are stupid at that age.some get better, but most don’t.:)

  • A Siegel18

    He’s young, and Canadian. If he’s not going to become an American citizen why the hell should he care about our political parties.. bad question #1.
    He also is saying that every baby comes into the world for a reson, which is why when asked about rape he still said abortion is wrong.. which it is.. he just worded it weird. Dumb ass conclusion.#2 on your part.
    My point #3 he’s 16/17 why would he care about any of this.. honestly keep a teenagers attention. Ask them about things they care about, he probably felt like he was giving a speech and was being grades… you guys are so harsh.

    • P Drake

      You have a very warped view of the world. #1 the politics question was about Canadian politics. Other countries have governments you arrogant american prick. #2 How can you say abortion is wrong? I’m not saying it’s right all the time, but in some situations it is the best solution. #3 I was 17 a few weeks ago and I care about all of that, but then I suppose you’d like today’s youth to not have a care in the world… well I have news for you, if the young people of today are protected from the world this much, we’re fucked. Seriously, what is wrong with you?…

      • MJ

        P Drake you just wrote exactly what I was thinking.

    • Tabby

      I’m a seventeen year old girl. I’m also not from america. I know about politics, and I have a formed opinion about abortion. I know what political parties are and I’m well informed about my country’s (and yours) health care.

      Now you tell me… Where is this world going to end if we don’t expect the future generations to being well informed? If he doesn’t learn now, when IS he going to learn? Soon enough he’ll become an adult, and he’ll have to make decisions like voting and speaking in public then he won’t have that excuse of being a teenager anymore.

      What I mean is, teenagers aren’t stupid. You can’t use that excuse.

    • karla

      asshole.abortion is a matter of choice.fetus is not a baby yet.only conservative religious people think otherwise and some of the stupid guys.

    • Hotdog

      Abortion isn’t wrong though

  • Fgwererg

    I rape for a reason!

  • fernn

     i bet him and hitler would’ve been tight.

    • Angela

      Only if Hitler was a “belieber” though.

    • hotdog

      Anne Frank definitely wouldn’t be a Belieber then

  • Ride4ever3537

    Being that they were talking about abortion, could he have meant that the conception of a baby happens for a reason?  I’m just asking.

  • Shizuka

    Is he fucking retarded?

  • BayAreaGuy

    You’re a child. You don’t know it yet because you’re a child. When you become an adult, you’ll look back and realize that you were a child. End if story.

  • Kylismama

    Yes, sure does sound like 16yr old mentality. I can only hope that his peeps don’t all share his opinions.

  • Kylismama

    Yes, sure does sound like 16yr old mentality. I can only hope that his peeps don’t all share his opinions.

  • Anderson Crew

    I dont think that he meant women deserve to be raped… I think he meant everything happens for a reason, as in babies are made for reasons and there is no excuse for killing them. People pick a part what any celebrity says just to have something to talk about. He is 16 years old, he is obviously too busy to study politics, and he is an entertainer not a political science major. I have no idea who the kid is, besides his occupation, but what i do know is we need to give him a break… He is 16, and making mistakes as a 16 year old in the public eye is a lot harder than the ones we all made at his age… Atleast we do not get scrutinized daily for wording things wrong as 16 year olds.

    • Logical Person

      He’s a fairy living in his fantasy world. He should open up his eyes once in a freakin while. People as ignorant as him don’t deserve to be given a break when they are this oblivious to the REAL world.

  • Bafooba

    The part I hate about this is that it says all kids at this age are stupid.

  • Person

    I’m sorry, but you’re unfortunately really wrong about all 16 year olds being idiots. Sure their decisions may be idiotic for sure, but are they? Far from it. Some are extremely intelligent, and I don’t mean in terms of book smarts. Saying that all 16 year olds are idiots is like saying that all black people are crooks.

    • Maddy

      Did… you just compare calling 16 year olds stupid with racism? They’re very far from the same thing. Let me guess… you’re 16? Face it, you don’t know it when you’re that age, but when you grow older you look back and you realise it. Teenagers are dumb.

      • Thames Chase

        Maddy, you and everyone who thinks like you is a moron. You’ll see that reflected in the way the comments are being voted.

        I’m an adult, by the way, and I can’t stand it when people are discriminated against on the basis of age. If you deny that there are “children” who are many times more intelligent than yourself and most adults, then you’re simply deluded, bitter and misguided.

        And yes, saying that “all sixteen-year olds” are idiots does follow a process of stupidity comparable to at least one of those at work behind racist thoughts: categorical absolutism.

  • Mer

    Ugh. Bieber. Just shut up. Go away. Go hide in a hole until you’re mature enough to be a part of society. The reason rape happens is because the rapist is a vile human being with no regard for anything else but what they want.

  • 16 yr old anon

    Justin Beiber is a fuckin idiot, but don’t say all 16-year-olds are. Age doesn’t equally intelligence. Believe me, look at the government.

    • Anon

      “Age doesn’t equally intelligence”

      Says it all right there

  • moalsaha

    can i go in a ufc round with him?

  • Human

    I was soo much smarter then him at that age, hell I was smoking weed all the time and doing psychedelics and pondering the mysteries of the universe! I guess fame would dumb you down quite a bit at any age tho. Buddy shoulda stayed in school

    • Thames Chase

      More votes should have gone to this comment. People are so ignorant about cannabis and psychedelics. I’m surprised hoards of puritanical freaks didn’t hit you with the negative votes.

      Down with the “stay in school” bit, though. The only true education is self-education. Authoritarianism won’t get you anywhere.

  • Austin

    Did he actually say rape happened for a reason? No! He said “Um. Well, I
    think that’s really sad, but everything happens for a
    reason. I guess I haven’t been in that position, so I wouldn’t be able
    to judge that.” when asked about abortion in cases of rape. What he
    meant by “everything happens for a reason” was about abortion, he
    doesn’t believe in it but he said it happened for a reason and he has
    never been in a situation like that so he wouldn’t know. Idiots.

    • James

      Does ‘everything’ not include rape then? Is rape separate from ‘everything’ else?
      When he said ‘everything happens for a reason’ he meant everything, including rape.

    • Katie

      Seriously? Don’t try to protect him. When he said everything happens for a reason, he said that RIGHT after he answered the rape part of the question. He said “It’s really sad, but everything happens for a reason.” He’s a person like everyone else, so yes, he is capable of being a douche. I find it funny that you try to cover it up, even though it’s in black and white that he was speaking about rape. If he meant it for the abortion part of the question, he would have said it right after that, and not the rape portion.

  • Knives Chau

    yeah, definitely doesn’t speak for all Canadians, and definitely not for all sixteen year olds either. I get that you’re pissed because Justin’s a tit, but you don’t have to go calling all sixteen year olds ‘idiots’ just because he is. it’s a pretty harsh generalization.

  • yourabunchofdummies

    Justin Beibers 18 years old….

  • sergius

    Justin Bieber may look like a fourteen year old lesbian, but I agree with what he says; abortion kills.

    • anon

      dont insult lesbians we dont want him classed as one of us!

  • Meulin

    I had very little respect for Justin Bieber before reading this, but after I read how he said that “rape happens for a reason,” I officially lost the little respect that was left.

    I’ve never liked this boy, but at least he was a good person before. Popularity has gotten to him and look at the shit he’s saying now.

  • Jessica

    Honestly, Rolling Stone should never have asked him questions concerning controversial topics like these. He was 16, and doesn’t know how to phrase his words well. I don’t think he meant people should be raped at all.

    When you go to an interview you expect to be asked questions about your albums, your life, relationships, etc. NOT the government and Korea, let alone rape. I just really feel like he was taken back by these questions. I know if I was put in that situation, I wouldn’t be able to answer that correctly because it’d make me nervous.

    Those types of questions should never be asked because they’re bound to offend someone no matter what your answer is. It’s a trap. That’s what Rolling Stone did, they trapped him.

    • anon

      Actually he wasn’t asked about Korea, he brought that up.

      Also on the matter of the questions, he will have been briefed on what he was going to be asked before hand, as always, so actually he did just mess up quite spectacularly!

      • Jessica

        It’s completely rude to ask that though. Especially coming from a magazine like Rolling Stone.

        • Jessica

          Plus we all know what Korea he’s referring to…. Haha

          • Anon again

            its not “completely rude”, he could have just as easily said “im not comfortable with these questions.” im 16 and i can phrase my words perfectly well. saying “whatever they have in korea” is just being stupid. keep rationalizing as you like but the fact of the matter is this kid is just a sheltered ignorant rich kid. saying “he was probably nervous” is somewhat hilarious, considering he’s a professional performer.
            when will people realize this kids just a little shit?

    • anon

      He wasn’t asked about Korea, he’s just plain stupid… And you may be right, but on the other hand: he’s an idol for so many people, so it might be interesting what he thinks about abortion, politics, etc. and the rape thing was just a logical question following his opinion on abortion.

  • Destiny

    Hes actually right. I mean everything does happen for a reason. And in some cases it makes a person stronger when something like rape happens. (Stronger when the person tells someone what happened about the rape and some rape victims actually go and stand up for others that have been in that situation and all that stuff)
    im not being mean but i dont think he meant it strait out and forward that rape happens for a reason. his main point was that everything happens for a reason

    • Anon

      I really don’t think you understand how bad rape is. Add that with the “I really don’t believe in abortion” comment and it becomes even worse when you think the baby will grow up as the product of someone’s horribly humiliating and violating experience.

  • Chloe


  • maykas

    people, people, i think what he meant by happening for a reason is not that it’s the girls or anyone elses fault but the rapists, he meant that even a baby, a human, that started to exist like that can be good and here for a reason, like changing the world in a positive way.
    that’s not necessarily my opinion but i think that’s what he meant.

    • Nyo?

      It’s obvious that’s how he meant it. I hate it when people blow stuff celebs say out of proportion.

  • Dylan

    Why is it the second someone says something dumb they are automatically american? and who ever said he was assuming america is the only country with politics? the way the article is makes you think they are asking him about american politics if you don’t pay attention. you call american’s arrogant but aren’t you being a bigot by lumping them all together as one?

  • KJH

    This guy(btw is he a guy?) is a complete disgrace both for music and his country Canada. Pathetic.

  • AnonEmoose

    He’s an idiot… Yes we were once children, but I had many more neurons firing at the age of 16 than Bieber does. The fame has affected Bieber.

  • TheTruth

    Yeah, that is extremely offensive to all teenagers, we may not be Einsteins but most of us are not stupid. YOU are the “brainwashed” one if you believe the guy who wrote this article.

  • Linkara2099

    1) youths between 13-19 have a different list of priorities than the middle-aged working man, and will likely be less opinionated for it. it isn’t that they’re any less intelligent.

    2) the Bavarian Illuminati is a monicker shared by several Enlightenment-era secret societies from 1776 Ingolstadt, and was modeled after the principles of Freemasonry. the “terrorist conspirators in the shadows” angle is a product of popular culture, using the Illuminati name for symbolism.

    You’re an idiot.

  • Linkara2099

    (“You guys are evil” he says with a laugh) get over yourself, kid’s making a joke.

  • Kane

    I would say he’s too young, but I’m studying for becoming a teacher, and if there’s something I’ve learned is there’re a lot of teenagers who have more conscience than this kid.

  • Kane

    The thing about America is true. There, the people pays for EVERYTHING. I’m from Chile and the same happens, so don’t want to kill me for saying that, because the health system from here and from USA is a crap. People dies expecting for an exam, that’s really a crap, and it’s true, Canada is the ideal country. I know why Justin just says that. I’ve lived it.

    But in other topics he’s a total ass. I don’t even know why RollingStone made that interview. I’m losing the respect for the Magazine. I respected it for the interview they made to Peter Dinklage, which is the best thing I ever read, but this… O.o

  • Julie

    I’m 16, and I think I can vouch for his point. I think it’s safe to say that the majority of teens are pretty stupid. Sure, there are some that are above that level, but most are not.

  • are you even serious

    I just saw the first few sentences and I was already questioning if JB was the only “idiot” here .

  • Lise

    “Why anyone would ask a 16-year-old for their opinion on anything is beyond me. Kids are all idiots at that age.”

    Way to generalize, author of this article. In some countries you can vote at age 16.

  • Herpaderp


  • Anonymous

    you guys are fuckers. fuck you. fuck this blog or whatever the fuck this is. yes I am using fuck a lot because nothing can express how fucking stupid you are. you took his simple words, that weren’t wrong at all, and fucked them up, twisted them around, and trying to fuck his reputation up. listen here you little fucker, shut the fuck up and leave Justin alone or I will fuck up your face, asshole.

  • frt

    justin was a children

  • Kelsey

    Justin Bieber is so stupid. So you think abortion is always wrong? Even for rape? What if a girl gets raped by her father (or another man related to her) and ends up getting pregnant? YES she could give up that baby for adoption, but that child will be born with tons of health problems as a result of incest, and it will not live a happy life. Plus, how would you feel if your parents were related and if your birth was an accident? Probably not very good.

  • ray

    I think peaople who are judging Justin on this one interview are being very unfair. He obviously is trying not to offend anyone and what person aks a 16 year old these types of questions! and even if you don’t agree with everything he’s saying it’s still his opinion that he’s entitled to, and you should respect that. Justin never actually said ‘rape happens for a reason’ you are twisting his words if you quote that. i believe he meant that you get pregant for a reason and was sticking up for his previous comment that he is against abortion. He is not defending rape, dont jump to conclusions and assume the worst.

  • Lexie

    What he said it just disgusting and him being 16 almost 17 doesn’t make it any less. People are saying he’s a child he’s uneducated. When he said this I was 15 and this disgusted me so my point is age has nothing to do with knowledge and common sense.

    And also, why is this question even in an interview?

  • Tony Izzo

    He says America and us Americans are evil because of our healthcare system? Yeah, Justin, why don’t you come on over here to the States and find out how evil us Americans really are.