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More Pictures of a Beaten Rihanna leaked

By on February 24, 2011

Back in 2009, punched so many times in the face that she looked like a bloody and bruised mess by the end of the night. TMZ leaked the now infamous photo of the beaten but rumor was there were others.

Fast forward to the other day when the judge relaxed Chris’ restraining order against Rihanna. The judge brought it down to a level one restraining order which means Chris cannot “annoy, molest or conduct surveillance” with regards to Rihanna. Rihanna’s lawyer said the singer had no objections.

Following this news, decided to leak two much more graphic photos of Rihanna after the fight which show in even more detail what Chris did to Rihanna.

In the future when anyone asks you why no one buys Chris Brown’s music anymore, show them these. Then when they gasp in horror, tell them not to worry because Chris Brown made amends by doing a lot of community service.

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  • mandy

    she dont look that bad at all. chris done her a favor….

  • Guest

    omg why are the so stupid they post these pics now it was over 2yrs ago it happen alreday he said sorry give him a break my gosh and she is doing wonderful they both are doing great just leave them alone they dont need this the media is so stupid they need to look 4 other ppl the bother leave them alone they are in 2 diff worlds now 4get the past umm thats why they call it the past duh the mefia has no respect 4 nobody they need to get jobs real one chris brown said sorry and did his part leave him alone! he doing real good now give him a break TeamBreezy! and rihanna is doing good @ best wishes 2 them both

    • Guest

      my comment was wrong

    • Lerris69

      He said sorry, so leave him alone? Are you serious? He repeatedly hit and beat a woman and he got off a hell of a lot lighter then if any regular non “artist” did it. There was a man in my neighbourhood that molested a child…he said sorry too. Maybe he should be given community service and then left alone too.

    • Faggot

      You’re probably the type of woman to run back to a man after he does this to you.

    • chianne

      Well said. LEAVE THEM ALONE. Things are very different and very positive now.
      (and what do you mean no one is buying Chris’ music? he has two hits in TOP TEn RnB right now, and he had the #1 HIT – Deuces – for three months in 2010)

    • guest

      @chianne thanks!

    • Dee

      Goddamn… either learn to write in English or don’t post.

  • Guest

    my comment was out of line i understand that wat he did was wrong and i shud of never said that look you dumb ppl who have no lie i kno how she feels but if u keep going on the past it hurts more so stop botherin me thank u i simply said what i had 2 say i dont approve of what he did

    • chianne

      Your comment was on target. Why are you back’stepping? What he did was very wrong and what she did to provoke him was wrong, but its been TWO years of a clean slate – and his slate was clean before 2009. He lost control this ONE TIME, when he was 19 years old. Why can’t you people move on??

  • schmeg

    She gave him herpes…I would have beaten her ass too!

    • Chocaholic Shahana

      no she didn’t. and either way i don’t think thats a good enough reason to stoop so low as to repeatedly physically and emotionally harm someone? he can no longer touch her, but she has admitted that she has been suffering night terrors since then, a common symptom of being a victim of abuse.

  • Christie

    woman beating loser

  • Ryan

    I’ll never buy is music again.

    • Ryan


  • Testington

    I’d never buy his music now (not that I did before but that was because of taste) but retraining orders don’t need to last forever. It is not as if he has violated it or is really much of a threat to her now, she is a professional entertainer with body guards and personal assistants that travel with her. Keeping the restraining order longer would just be stupid.

  • xspader

    Jesus some of you (Mandy, Amanda, schmeg) are just awesome. I bet you also think that if you do something bad then go and confess to it to your god that you are all good again right? Well you jumped into the gene pool while the life guard wasnt looking and are obviously about as smart as a fart in an elevator.
    please keep your idiotic rantings to yourself and I’ll do the same with mine

    • Guest

      no i dont what he did was wrong my comment was out of line i beenin her shoes

  • TheListener

    These newly released photos serve no purpose but to inflame the public’s sense of outrage against him. We know what he did. Do we really NEED to see graphic photos of it to remind us? Does Rihanna NEED to see graphic photos to remind HER of what he did to her? The answer is no to both questions.

    Furthermore, Chris Brown cannot undo what he has done. He’s done what is legally required of him and he’s taken steps to control his anger and change his behavior. Unfortunately, the general public is unforgiving.

    It’s funny how everyone wants to be forgiven when they’ve done wrong to someone, but are so unwilling to forgive others when they have been wronged.

    And Lerris69 compared him to a child molester. Really?! A child molester will always have perverted sexual urges and pose a constant threat to society. A violent man can control his anger through management and pose no further threat to society. This is why child molesters have to register as sex offenders in whatever neighborhood they live, but a violent person who commits battery does not have to do so whenever he/she moves.

    • Llll


    • shery

      no matter what kind of crime it is if someone is capable of doing it once what would stop them from doing again?

  • guest

    imma stay with what i belive in i dont take baq neything i said my 1at comment was leave them alone and thay are both off to do better things Teambreezy!

  • guest

    i was always a chris brown fan from day 1 just leave him alone and leave rihanna alone! nd still am a fan of his he did what he did let it go he already got his punishment leave him alone!

  • Get Over It

    Before we put Chris Brown up on the cross…let’s take a look at Ri Ri’s latest video, involving whips, chains and rope. I’m not saying Brown was right – of course not. But…it seems to me that the ABSOLUTE LAST thing a beaten woman would be singing about would be bondage, no? As far as I am concerned, Chris was 18 – a kid. He more than paid his debt and moved on. She, on the other hand, is an opportunistic tramp. Trust me…soon we will see another “tragic” photo of her beaten, bloodied face and another guy taken away in handcuffs.

  • Real

    These pictures are fake. To stare up drama, the media pick on these young people, Chris and Rihanna. Someone needs to beat their butts (the media) for putting fake photos out there. Chris is back at the top no mater what the media tries to do.

  • Jeff

    People get one chance to be famous. This guy became famous did something only few get to have the glory of enduring. He beat up a girl. Move a long Mr. Brown.. You had your chance it’s someone else’s turn to take your spot.

    Don’t buy this tool’s albums.. This guy had his chance at prosperity and ruined it. His fault. Support other artists worth it. Sick of these clowns.

  • Jmarzoni

    Fuck all you retards that think its okay to beat a fine ass bitch like Rihanna all that shows is how fucking gay Chris brown really is

  • Zamariawiley

    no girl dont do it

  • keke

    Dnt get mad she need dat beating I still love my men chris brown mz.brown