Pete Wentz Has Been Crying A Lot | The Blemish

Pete Wentz Has Been Crying A Lot

By on February 11, 2011

This shouldn’t come as a shock to any of you but skinny jean wearing has been incessantly crying since blindsided him with a . Pete wants her back but Ashlee is done and wants to focus on her kid and career (huh?).

“Pete has been crying a lot to her about this,” a source close to the couple told “He is crushed, and does not want it to be over.”

“Ashlee is done, she loves him, but she’s ready to move on,” said the source.

“When he traveled for work, she had a lot of time to think, and in the end she just felt happier without him.

Quick, get this guy away from razor blades. He might pretend to slit his wrists and then we might have to listen to his blubbering for another three months.

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