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Rihanna Rejected Ryan Phillippe

By on February 16, 2011

Things with and may not be going too well because Ryan tried to hit on at the Gucci/Roc Nation brunch at Soho House on Feb. 12. Ryan used his smoothest line but and her fivehead were having none of it. A witness said she blew him off.

“He said something to the effect of, ‘What are you doing tonight?’ and she signaled ‘sleep,’” a witness tells the new Us Weekly. “She was trying to be polite, but she was genuinely not interested. When a couple of her friends came up to join the conversation, he just walked away.”

The actor, 36, had more luck later that night, when he was seen leaving a house party with a pretty brunette. As for his relationship with Seyfried, 25: “It’s casual. They’re friends who hang out romantically from time to time and that’s it,” says a pal. “At one point, there was a chance it would develop into something more serious, but it never did. There’s no commitment.”

Being famous is still awesome. Ryan was rejected by Rihanna but his consolation prize was a “pretty brunette.” Meanwhile, regular guys would be rejected by that “pretty brunette” and their consolation prize would be their hand with only their tears as lubrication.

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