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Miley Cyrus Doesn’t Like YouTube Stars

By on March 30, 2011

Miley Cyrus, daughter of the famed Billy Ray Cyrus, complained to The Daily Telegraph that being a pop sensation shouldn’t be as easy as getting thousands of people to like your music on YouTube. Miley argues the cost of entry should be much higher.

“It should be harder to be an artist. You shouldn’t just be able to put a song on YouTube and go out on tour,” Cyrus said when asked about singers like Justin Bieber and Rebecca Black, who got their start on the video sharing website.

Miley is right. Fame should only come from hard work and dedication and being born to a famous musician whose name gets you into any door, like the one at the Disney offices which cast her as Hannah Montana, earning her millions of dollars and launching her music career. These Justin Biebers and Rebecca Blacks have it so easy nowadays.

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  • Bubba

    Talentless c-unit got her job via her dad and she trashes others path to stardom? ROFL

  • Chewy

    Someone call the wah-bulance. I’m sure Debbie Gibson thought you shouldn’t just be able to put someone on a Mickey Mouse show and have her go on tour.

    Miley should be grateful she’s even popular. There’s a 1000 just like her. She got lucky.

  • jethro

    Because they’re better entertainers than she is…get those horse teeth fixed!

  • jethro

    PS Move in with Charlie Sheen!!! What could go wrong???

  • Rhino

    Yeah! You should have to write your own music!

    Oh wait…

  • Cbh22

    Not to mention having a famous dad buying your way in???

  • cirquedelalune

    She’s only relevant still because she dresses like a whore…

    And I know she worked hard to get where she is… I mean asking dad to make her famous must have been reallll hard.

  • Molly

    says the one with famous parents in the first place. some youtube stars have good covers and great own songs!

  • Mikki

    Um… Miley is being stupid and ridiculous. She only got popular cuz of her daddy anyways. So… tlk about easy. lol Damn… and atleast the other kid artists like her don’t go around being hoes and skanks. So… she shouldn’t be talking.

  • Glitter Girl

    I think shes just scared that someone is gonna get more popular than her. Also the people like Justin Beiber they also have a natural talent just like her, which should get a chance to show it to the world, and live your life. Miley Cyrus can’t sing very well, she gets every single song done in the studio to make it sound good. No affence but she is a little retarded.

  • speakthetruth

    who the hell is Miley talking about working for a career when hers got handed to her from her dad? there are MANY people on youtube who have actual talent but dont have a person in the business to help them. shes obviously jealous and scared someone with REAL talent is gonna ruin her not deserved spotlight..ugh she’s so annoying

  • i hate rebecca black

    wow miley. she didnt go through any hard work?! its her dad that made her ugly ass famous. and it took justin bieber over a year because he waited for usher to tell him what he thought and trying to get like an agent and everything. but i do agree with her on rebecca black. it took her a week.

  • Jaime

    Ok well being a pop “sensation” shouldn’t be as easy as having a famous dad.

  • CaiCai

    HA! Wow this cracks me up. She bought her way to her career. The funny part is she doesnt even write her own music! Her Dad does! Miley should really think before she says…..

  • Hdbillder

    Yea Miley like you worked real hard. If it weren’t for your dad you’d be another high scool wanna be..

    • hdbillder

      I forgot to add that I worked in the music industry since the 70′s I’ve seen way better than you starving because their daddys didn’t buy them a lable or have any suck.

  • Like Youtube

    Hay buddy, Thank you composing this sort of excellent post, really will help my home out in some ways.

  • mileyisastupidname

    dumbass idiot…..Just another retard performer who shouldn’t be where they are…Just because her dad helped her get promotion doesn’t mean she has talent worth promoting…..

  • Anne

    i think its egocentric.
    she doesnt want other people to be famous like her.
    and sh doesnt hav talent either

  • Cesarabarca21

    miley if your dad wasnt billey ray cyrus you would be a nobady -_-

  • Lpstan4ord

    Miley shouldn’t be one to talk since she got her stardom from her daddy.