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Paris Hilton Hates Black People Take Two

By on March 22, 2011

, reporter, interviewer and author of The Game, has a new book coming out titled Everyone Loves You When You’re Dead which reveals shocking moments with his interview subjects. For example, Lady Gaga once cried over her ex, Courtney Love once considered snorting Kurt Cobain’s ashes and once had breast implants at 14 which her mom made her remove.

The latest shocking reveal posted by LA Weekly from the book is another one about Paris Hilton. This one about how she’s a closet racist and hates black people. Not surprising considering the leaked videos that came out years ago but this time it’s straight from Paris Hilton’s mouth.

Hilton: I went out with that guy last night.
Strauss: Which guy?
Hilton: (points to an actor in Saving Private Ryan): We were making out, but then we went somewhere where it was bright and I saw that he was black and made an excuse and left. I can’t stand black guys. I would never touch one. It’s gross. (pauses). Does that guy look black to you?
Strauss: How black does a guy have to be?
Hilton: One percent is enough for me.

She was probably talking about Vin Diesel since he’s the only white looking half black guy I can think of in Saving Private Ryan unless Edward Burns has been keeping something from us.

Regardless, she and Halle Berry have a lot in common. They both believe in the one-drop rule. You should tell Paris that she and Halle are a lot alike. I bet that’ll make her real happy.

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  • Chewy

    Screw Paris. She’s a talentless bimbo, but then that’s an insult to bimbos everywhere. If she wasn’t in obscurity yet, hopefully this will be the final nail in her coffin.

    There should be a million man march on the Hilton hotels.

    • Moe

      Ms. Hilton is rich, white and good-looking. You’re not. Stop hating, it makes you look weak.

  • bang!

    I can’t believe it…I agree with Paris Hilton. Goodbye cruel world.

  • MissValtrexakaParis

    This Vitriol Coming from a Skank with Herpes and assorted other Crotch Critters and a dead relevant

    • The Blemish

      It’s always good to bring up again just in case anyone was thinking of hiring her.

  • Feimagic

    On Paris Hilton and Halle Berry: I never seen two more ignorant women in my life. The “one drop” rule as it is stated in the article on racism, is a big bunch of crap. Paris, I can over look, Halle should know better. She has this beautiful daughter that she is exposing to this sort of ignorance. How can you have two parents of different races and be only one race yourself. This is not complex math here people. It is not even complex biology. The president even thinks he’s black because his skin is dark. I have been one of these mixed people a lot longer than Halle Berry, and I can tell you, there is no taking sides unless you are willing to throw one parent under the bus or you are completely stupid.

    • Moe

      It must peeve you greatly to know the ‘one drop rule’ is preferred by a large majority of both blacks and whites. It does no harm and arguably does a significant good. Identity and belonging are not merely nice things but the foundation of a healthy self-image. Who are you to deny this to any person, especially a child? Would not children of mixed marriages be in even more need of a strong racial identity? Why do you hate children so much?

  • alboy2

    Yet another reason to dislike this cow…like I needed another one. An ignorant slut.

    • Moe

      Considering the rates of STDs and AIDS among blacks Ms. Hilton is anything but ignorant. According to the CDC blacks have an HIV infection rate 12 times that of whites. Blacks are 45% of new AIDS cases in the U.S. Blacks have syphilis nine times more often than whites.

      Gross indeed. And we haven’t even begun to consider the record of violence among blacks. Who in their right mind would date a person from a race responsible for 52% of all murders in the U.S.?

    • LMAO@Ignorance

      Moe, you should really get your facts straight, or go back to school. White people are the majority in America which is why they account for most of the crime in America. 52% is way off base, never do your own stats. Nearly every country has been tampered with by white people. You really should see a therapist or something because your hate is ridiculous. It upsets me sometimes when I see such racism but then I smile again because I know there is a special hot place waiting for you, in hell.

  • Roscop

    Listen to the hatred spewing out of you ignorant scumbags! So what if she doesnt like black people. Should we all be forced by law to like black people? You stupid communist weirdos? You want to see racism? Nobody is more hateful than blacks. Have your car break down in a black neighborhood and youll be lucky to make it out of there alive. They’ll kill you simply for being white! Imbeciles! Wake up!

    • Chewy

      Wow, how ironic. You are telling others about their spewing hatred, while proclaiming “nobody is more hateful than blacks”.

      No one’s forcing anyone to like black people. But “I can’t stand black guys. I would never touch one. It’s gross…” is okay with you?

      I feel sorry for your mother.

    • Meise

      Well, if we consider that white people have been killing black people since hundreds of years and this for absolutely NOTHING AND NOTHING AT ALL – simply because they looked at some stupid white imbecile – you should not wonder why black people are so angry. So don’t come with your stupid cent that no one wants to hear, about black people simply killing white people because they are white. Who the fuck started this in the first place ????
      White people have been going all over the world, killing other nations, raping, I don’t even want to mention the rest. The crusades – what the fuck did they do ???? Killing all people that were not like them – I don’t even have to mention the rest ! You fucking stupid imbecile white fucking idiots think you know all. And what you love most of all – is to put us black people into ” they’re fuckall, they are rapists, they are idiots, they kill you simply because you’re white” .
      We black people – are better than you are and that a thousand times over. WE believe and have beliefs. We, are decent hard working people – things you white idiots make difficult for us to do. You have been more a treat to us – than we have ever been to you ! So stick your fucking “nobody is more hateful than blacks” up in your imbecile arse ! I’d love to see, how you would live if you got told you can’t get a job just because your fucking skin does not fit !
      Yeh, they would kill you just because your white – rings a bell. Rings a damned big bell. About how black people got killed, still get killed today, just because they are BLACK ! You fucking imbecile – I would love to see how you would love getting treated like the last piece of shit. You have a masters degree, but some stupid white imbecile like you, get’s the fucking job – that with a high school graduation and not more ! So write so more shit about what we black do !
      Imbecile !

    • Moe

      Meise. So black. So angry. So clichéd.

  • Winston

    One thing about being rich, you’re not susceptible to the same brainwashing as the rest of the world.
    Multiculturalism doesn’t work unless you are hypnotized by the media to think its cool.
    One question: if “diversity” is so great, why do we spend billions to make people believe it and enact harsh laws to punish those who have varying opinions?

    I never liked her before, but now I can tell she has at least one brain cell working.

    • I f&%$#@! ur momma paris

      Halle Berry won an Oscar for getting banged by a white guy.Paris Hilton is famous cause of money.Put a pimp in the room with these hoes and they will straighten up. Guarantee it. Sad Ms. Berry gave up on brothas .Paris once said she was a n……now she.hates us..sad.

  • J

    She has a right not to fuck chimps

    • E=mc2

      Wow, it looks like trailer trash can finally access the internet.

    • Moe

      E=mc2. And it looks like at least one masochistic catamite was able to free its hands long enough to type something fabulously witty. ‘Trailer trash’, damn that’s good. And so original. Congrats to you sweetheart.

  • Alex

    She should be free in her choice of men. No one has the right to force her to like a group of people.
    NO ONE!

    Ik heb plots respect gekregen voor Dame Hilton. VRIJHEID BOVEN ALLES

  • Haywoodgiablomi214

    Well at least she’s not a coalburner. I have a minimal amount of respect for her now.

  • Defiantdog

    Good for your Paris! You aren’t brainwashed by PC. Be nice if we could just get a few strong willed white people left on this planet.

    • Chewy

      Are you for real? Paris probably hates you also, you schmuck.

    • Moe

      Chewy, are you really Mexican? In any case Paris told me she really dislikes you. You’re gross. You momser you. (Free advice, don’t sling the Yiddish when clueless.)

  • Phillip

    all this racism and other evil aspects of human nature just proves that there is no god. and we have no immortal soul we’re all just a very strange animal species — strange because no other animal species recognizes any difference between one another because of color. eventually humans will destroy one another, and hopefully a truly smart being will evolve that will see no color and perhaps become something really godlike.

    • Moe

      Odi et amo. I hate and I love. Why? Because I’m human. i simply cannot help myself. Claiming that as a result I have no soul and that there is no G-d is risible.

      Animals compete with each other for resources. They compete, often bloodily, both within and without their species and subspecies. Maybe not Thumper and Bambi, but otherwise…

    • Winston

      Are you serious? How do you think fish tell where their families are? Its not by smell! You don’t see angel fish breeding with goldfish. Humans are also visual animals… we get 90% of our information about the outside world through what we see. Its only though billions of dollars worth of programming and brainwashing that we ignore our natural instincts and believe its evolution.

  • Bigice1972

    In The Bible The Word Hate Is Considered Murder.You Should Love Thy Neighbor.I Just Dont Hate.But Paris Hilton is a Rich Dummy.You Have Some Smart and Some Just Plain Dumb Living Off Of Someone elses Fortune.Hale Berry Been Around The Block A Few To Many.All Those Husbands Now That Gross.Paris Hilton Made Out With A Guy But Did Not Know His Race Because it was Dark..Now That Is Gross.Hey Just Think About This.She Might Have Aids.How can You Not know what The Person Look Like.She Sucked Him Off Too.Lol.I Know Because It Was Me..

    • Moe

      What’s the greater irritant; ALL CAPS or Capitalizing Every Single Word Because That Is How We Be Rolling In The OC Hood Word?

  • Lol

    I cant stand blacks myself

    • Moe

      A planet of billions agrees.

    • Disturbed

      How can you people hate someone for something as simple as their skin color. It makes you look very ignorant and simple minded. Not every black person is how you think they are and I know not every white person is like the both of you. Stereotyping just goes to prove that ignorance is still here. I will pray that God will heal your heart and strengthen your mind because right now both are very weak. Have a blessed day.

  • Lourdese

    Well, this is completely ridiculous. You have to fight people like Paris with knowledge not insults. It’s the only way you’ll win. For starters, who invented the ironing board so Paris could have well and neatly pressed clothing? A black person. Who created the toilet so Paris could pee in it? A black person. And who invented peanut butter so she could eat a sandwich? A black person. If you don’t like us blacks, don’t use what we created.

    • Angel-fire

      I don’t thin its right to say black people kill white folk , the big picture is that majority whites kill or murder someone in these suburan area they just don’t talk about or mention it as often , but when all come down no body perfect yeah white people ancestors are cause of why africans maerican live in poverty its all part of the government system. you see more whites ge better opportunties than yoy see african american don’t necessarily have that privelge it part of the system that been goi on for years. it right juge people based on ingonorant roomers, why are people taking up for paris hilton she stupid , bad influence and everybod lash at each over something stupid and foolish she said don’t be suprise she feels that a way with other races beside blks , , pay he no attention she not worthy really . people called blks murder s with statistc im tell truth those statics aren’t accurate the media govenment always put it sof to take acually attention of crimneighbor hes rate in the suburben aneighborhoods.more

    • Angel-fire

      this stupid you will always find people say things racist stupid ignorant you don’t be about blk it can latinos and some people always find fought in every body else accept for themselves and they just don’t get the big picture out all this . It upset me, but life goes on you will find ignorant people like her .That why people move on. their plenty sucess african american that I know are sucess and well off their not rappers or singers . No these people are entrapenurs and doctors and lawyers.

  • mum-ra

    I’m all for choice/personal preference; I just think it’s funny that prior to seeing his skin tone, there was nothing about his physical features that said anything other than ‘white’. Then, all of a sudden, he is the personification of all black stereotypes (even though he’s mixed) because his skin looks like an evenly tanned white guy’s skin, and she becomes repulsed. That’s comedy, but if you’re attracted, you’re attracted, if you’re not, you’re not.

    My stance; if you think someone is hot, fuck ‘em, have kids (i don’t give a shit); they’re only going to turn out to be a stereotype if YOU MAKE THEM INTO ONE!

    Personally, skinny, ditzy, talentless people with VDs don’t do it for me. But, I’m a guy, so I’d probably still fuck her…but only if the lights *weren’t bright* ;)

  • Jstsunshine

    I can’t believe I’m writing this in defense of Paris Hilton, but here goes: Just because Paris doesn’t choose to date/breed with black men doesn’t make her a racist. I for one am an equal opportunity dater but you can’t fault someone for being particular about who they date.

    Plus, everyone seems to have forgotten she’s best friends with Nicole Richie. Nicole is biracial and her adopted father is Lionel Richie. Obviously, Paris can’t be that much of racist.

    In opinion, what she really needs is a good PR person to teach her how to edit what she says.





  • Phonomenal28

    Ok really who is paris and why does blk people even care really we care about this now ok look paris show or whatever she got going on is in the crapper ok she need some jump start from us like most of them see what hurt me is that blk people dont get it if we dont like something we have the power to change it we do we can stop all togeter from buy her stuff and passing by her crap of a life ugh then like magic she be gone wow and on a other subject what blk kill more then whites nope a lie like a point ted bunndy or whatever it shown that a white person will likey to rape and kidnapped and kill a child then a blk would yes a fact look it up look im a white guy so in fact we”re more messed up

  • Phonomenal28

    Ps there a lot more white sei killers then blk ones god why.dont.people get a clue it was someone white who killed that women in her app a while back we start some like kkk and then blk started blk pan see whites did start most of those marks but blk are pretty lame for gangs drugs well most of them and dont show any kindness when someone in need sometimes my friendss tell me that they are a shame to be blk so really hate is pointless just one more point where the whole story dont get told ok of u dont belive me about whites kill more one white will cut u open a take your child a white male are more likely to kill a woman and child.and hide the body under the floor see whites I mean god even they a whole ch for crazy white peo call investigation discovery all about white killers scary right

  • Bette Bennington

    So if you prefer not to date a Negro that makes you a bad person ? 

    • Crimson_dash

      Negro?  What are you 90 years old?  It’s not the point that she doesn’t want to date blacks.  It’s HOW she said what she said.  Ignorant bitch..

  • jkkkj

    black people i hate him all of them i am a nazi all nigers dieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • jkkkj

    black people i hate him all of them i am a nazi all nigers dieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Crimson_dash

    Negro?  What are you 90 years old?  It’s not the point that she doesn’t want to date blacks.  It’s HOW she said what she said.  Ignorant bitch..

  • Truth

    Lol now your sad.

  • Tac

    she just called Oprah the N word basically.. what a moron..

  • Tac

    She just called half celebrities the N word.. just made fun of Michael Jackson’s kids.. omfg..

  • Fidor

    Black language Is hard to understand, please talk in proper English.

  • Ky

    according to the statistics…Europeans brought diseases to the Americas and almost wiped out a complete race of people with them so lets keep pointing fingers why don’t we :)

  • anonymous

    no self respecting white women likes ugly sughuman aids carrying apes

  • jewslikeblackpuppets

    What’s wrong with black neighborhoods? Its full of blacks. What’s wrong with Africa? its full of blacks. Blacks are given affirmative action by corporations and government agencies because they have whites and others who can pick up the slack of the lazy blacks. Small businesses cannot afford to have a bunch of lazy blacks hanging around. Blacks need whites to teach them about hygiene, medicine, irrigation, etc because they are too stupid to figure it out themselves. Its funny that a moron mentioned peanut butter and ironing boards as a “black invention” when blacks haven’t invented anything. If you know real history, its proven that whites invented most of those inventions except for peanut butter which was made by Native Americans. Blacks are used by Jews to destroy white culture and replace it with a ghetto culture that is easier to control.

    • Lenny Kravitz is not Jewish

      I’m Jewish, if a Jewish girl dates a black, she would get disowned by her entire family. We look down on white trash “goyim” for have creating niglets with blacks.