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Paris Hilton Taking Legal Action Against Racism Claim

By on March 24, 2011

Hey, remember those videos from 2007 where Paris said she and her sister were “like two [N-words]” because they were dancing to Biggie Smalls’ Hypnotize? Most people remember. Anyway, will take legal action against , author of Everyone Loves You When You’re Dead, for accusing her of making racist comments during an interview. Probably to protect whatever is left of her brand image.

To recap, Paris started making out with Vin Diesel, then made an excuse and left after realizing he was half-black. She told Strauss, “I can’t stand black guys. I would never touch one.”

A rep for Hilton insists Paris never said that and that they’re consulting lawyers. A statement from Hilton’s spokesperson reads: “These allegations are absolutely untrue and ridiculous. We have sent these claims to Miss Hilton’s lawyers to respond further. It’s another example of someone making false claims for financial gain.”

The reason Paris is consulting with lawyers first is because there’s a chance Strauss may have recorded the conversation. Hopefully that’s the case. Because Paris Hilton is racist and it’d be good to remind everyone including potential employers of the fact every few years.

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  • NeNe

    I can completely see her saying that. I hope this guy taped his interview, and most reports do. If so, I hope they prove to the world that Paris’ 15 minutes are finally, finally, over.

    • Chewy

      I agree with NeNe that she said it. It would be random for an interviewer to come up with such a specific situation.

      Why hasn’t she said anything about the video where she’s using the ‘n’ word?? Plus at that time, she was hanging around Brandon Davis who used that word also. C’mon, you KNOW they use it all the time. They probably hate all minorities.

      Whites, asians, lots of races use this word a lot in private though. And not just to be derogatory. Seriously, why? It’s just laughable.

  • Zombiekiller117

    Anti-racism is just a codeword for Anti-White
    Since when is it compulsory to have sex with some-one just because of their skin colour ? Are Black woman obliged to have sex with White men ? No they aren’t.
    Are Inuit woman obliged to have sex with Mexicans ? No they aren’t.
    Are Chinese woman obliged to have sex with Frenchmen ? No they aren’t.
    But if a White woman doesn’t want to have sex with a Black man she’s a ‘naziswhowanttokill6millionjews’ ?
    It’s double standards,that’s why ‘anti-racism’ is a codeword for Anti-White.

    • generic-name


      Oh wait, you were being serious?

    • Joval_Hayes

      Read the story again dumb dumb. They were kissing at a party nothing was said about sex. It’s all about the comments she made after seeing vin was mixed. To me this is a racist comment. “I hate black guys, I would never touch one, that’s gross. Well I’d that isn’t racist tell me what is.

    • Kickbuttopen

      sweetheart, it’s not racist to have preferences it’s racist to say that black men are gross. It’s racist use the N-word in relation to all blacks. It’s racist to immediately look down on a man who you were hooking up with just because you found out he was 1% black.Paris Hilton is an absolute idiot who lacks intelligence. Nigger mean stupid. So what she’s saying is that talented people like the Obamas, Mandela, Naomi Campbell,Tyra Banks,Oprah…people who actually have talent and have worked for everything in their lives are stupid…? lmfaooo NO SIR. If anyone is a nigger it’s Paris Hilton. And for the record, her supposed best friend who ditched her wackass,Nicole Richie, is part black. Waaay to go P.Hilton.

  • Truthhurtsscumcollectorstoo

    The man interviewed Stern with two tape recorders…he would not destroy his huge career for this Herpes ridden garbage pail

  • PapaBloo

    Im a black guy and I never really been turned on by white girls…
    See? Not at all racist. But then when I say their skin reminds me with that of a pigs I think it can get a little offensive like her saying black guys are gross could.