Renee Olstead Is Naked Too | The Blemish

Renee Olstead Is Naked Too

By on March 15, 2011

The censored Vanessa Hudgens nudes that leaked yesterday sort of overshadowed the Renee Olstead nudes that leaked too. Olstead, 21, used to be on Still Standing and now stars in The Secret Life of the American Teenager. With these leaked shots, she now also stars in my windows folder titled “things to whack off to.” Very NSFW gallery starts here and some more at Egotastic.

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  • gitmo’

    Now THAT bitch kicks ass!

  • Chewy

    She must be following Kim Kardashian’s way to get famous. Where’s the sex scenes? The unreleased sex tape?? Not that I’m complaining…

  • Andreas Späth

    Pretty badly made fakes is all i see here. Variating boob size, nipple color, piercings, bodyshape….
    Nice try tho

    • Jack Hammer

      Exactly. As anyone with half a brain could see, most of these shots are NOT Renee Olstead. She ought to sue the crap out of these sleazy, lying websites.

  • shefa

    I can’t believe these young celebritie girls parents exspecially the fathers and those who daughters aren’t celebrities also would allow them to put disgusting pictures on the net.where are the parenting protecting kids from perverts?on the way to hell and thats the truthe

    • Tex

      I know this chicks dad, he’s not much to talk about. Left his wife for some young stripper tramp who happened to be a childhood friend of my wife. They were into drugs and shit. Oh yeah, they stole my wife’s identity and wound up in jail!

      • Shutup

        No you don’t. 

  • Satan

    Hilarious. You studied the color of the nipples. I’m probably correct in assuming that you are a nerd.