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Vanessa Hudgens Has New Nudes?

By on March 13, 2011

Self-shot nudes purporting to be of Vanessa Hudgens surfaced online over the weekend and are even more revealing than the last ones that were leaked. They’re so revealing, that you’re legally allowed to call yourself Vanessa’s gynecologist. But before you pull your pants down, you should know they’re censored.

But wait. Before you stomp out of the room all huffy and sexually frustrated, not only are there nudes, other more SFW photo shows Vanessa supposedly making out with Nickelodon girl Alexa Nikolas, who also had a batch of self-shot nudes a couple more girl-girl makeout pictures leaked.

All of the photos came from Sweet Melodie’s Flickr account which has since been deleted. Probably for fear of retribution from Disney. I hear Mickey Mouse tapes your eyelids open and forces you to watch the Disney channel 24/7 as a means of torture. It’s practically the equivalent of being waterboarded.

SFW pictures of Vanessa and Alexa making out above and more of Alexa making out below. NSFW versions at the Phun thread. Note that the Vanessa photos don’t really look like Vanessa Hudgens so there’s a debate about whether or not it’s really her or if it’s a Photoshop.

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  • Herman Bumfudle

    wow!!! fuck wow!!!

  • MR

    OH LORD HAVE MERCY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DAMN

  • Anne

    Just so you know, she was a minor when she took these and therefore they are illegal since they could be considered child pornography. I would advice you to take the links to the pictures down from your website.
    It is disgusting to me how some people can take pleasure from another person’s misfortune, especially when that other person was only really a young teenage girl at the time.
    If there’s any way to flag/report you for spreading child porn, I will.

    • Lol


    • GQ

      How can u be sure these were taken when they where teens? Is there a bloody date on them! This is obviously a PR stunt to create buzz about V. Huds movies coming out! I’ll just say” keep posting those pics, Fussy Britches!

    • Phuq Mee

      I guess Anne is fresh out of the mental hospital, keep taking the tablets you fool!

    • Gatomalo36

      shut up

  • anon

    DUH! WINNING!!!!

  • Bill

    If you don’t remove these images directly I will be reporting your website to ASACP. Both of these girls were minors when the images were taken.

    • Phuq Mee

      You tell ‘em Bill (call Matron, another nutter has escaped).

  • Gluebomb77

    LOL at the two losers claiming CP you too need better lifes .. so anne your claiming that vanessa has been holding onto these pictures since she was what 16 or something? seeing she is what now 22?.. and bill just seems like an idiot.

    • Anne

      So please explain to me which part of “explicit pictures of a naked 17 year old girl” does not say Child Pornography to you? Because if that’s not offensive to someone like you, I’m glad I don’t know you and I sincerely hope you never have children.
      Also, I’d like you to point out what segment of my previous post in any way led you to infer I was suggesting she’s been “holding onto these”? I don’t think I implied such a thing in the way that I think you might be referring to (I.e that she held them until now purposefully). But if what you are saying is that she took them as a minor and they have been in her personal possession ever since, until someone decided to take advantage of her and leaked them, then yes, I agree with such statement.
      Oh, & I must apologize if I am perhaps using far too mature vocabulary for you. My words as an adult can no longer simply be reduced down to calling some a “loser”.

  • Bill

    Gluebomb, Vanessa is not leaking these. They were taken several years ago, someone else has them and she has been the victim of this bullying and harassment ever since. There is no way she wants these public. She made a mistake but is being constantly humiliated since. And yes you should not be viewing pics of underage girls – this is illegal. The immoral part I will leave up to you.

  • Chewy

    Even if the photos are fake, that is HOT! Two girls kissing?? On the lips? Suh-weet!!

    Maybe Zac and Vanessa’s relationship is a front and they are both g-g-g-gay!

  • gitmo’

    What a bunch of fags! Call the cops!!! Bullshit. Put the cock back in your mouth.

  • yourcrazy

    first picture is not her !!! ..have you seen her photos even she was younger ?.. and the 3rd pic. it’s photoshopped look at her hand…

  • Niceliplockladiez

    sleepy..yawn..full coma diddling fingers cant say cheese and where are the shots of pink?

  • Nunya

    Vanessa, herself confirms all photos are real. Taken in from the original set in 2009.

  • Natalyahaynes

    Wow that nice she did it again wow

  • Natalyahaynes

    Wow that nice she did it again wow