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Justin Bieber Has a New Tattoo

By on May 26, 2011

Forgive me for not being entranced enough by the gaunt body of a 17-year-old to notice this but apparently Justin Bieber got a new tattoo. Two of them, actually. They really lend to his bad boy mystique. Haha. No. I meant to say they really lend to how much of a dork he is.

One tattoo is a small bird on his waist, the kind girls get on their ankles, and is about 8 inches away from being a tramp stamp. The other is a vertical Hebrew inscription down his side which reads, “Yeshua,” meaning Jesus. *Shakes head*

Can this kid get anymore boring? He looks lame even when he gets a tattoo which is what kids his age usually do to rebel. He might as well have tattooed “Drink Your Ovaltine” across his chest in big, gothic lettering.

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  • Anna_banana8301

    Yahshua is how His name is spelled. And Yahshua means “Yah saves”.

  • Bieberdrumsonselena

    Shes great on the L Word

  • Peter T98

    What a poof! Seagull??? Wtf! Needs to get a life!

  • Xsweetsillymex

    A tramp stamp is on your lower back not your hip.

  • Xsweetsillymex

    A tramp stamp is on your lower back not your hip.

  • Jakestar100

    Dude. I’m not a JB fan but I don’t hate him. The fact that you bothered to post up those pictures of his tatoos actually shows that you’re bothered about him. Get a life man and move on instead of hating on boys who earns twice as much as we’ll ever earn.