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Kim Kardashian’s Butt Is Real

By on June 24, 2011

You can all stop with the rumors about Kim Kardashian’s butt. You were talking about her butt, right? No? Don’t lie. Of course you were. Anyway, stop it because today on Khloe Kardashian’s website, Khloe posted a picture of an X-ray of Kim Kardashian’s ass. Why? Because the validity of Kim’s ass has become a hot topic in recent days? No. Because pageviews!

There you have it. Kim has not now or not ever pushed silicone into her ass. She prefers the real thing. You may now stop the debate you were not having.

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  • CPW mo’

    That makes it even worse!  COW – PIG – WHORE !!!

  • Adsfdsf

    Of course that’s the x-ray of her ass, it couldn’t be just a random x-ray of someone else’s ass…..fuck how dumb do you think we are! 

  • Allie

    Yeah, 100% real fat injections!

  • Rayjwasthere

    Famewhores with talent are respectable
    she has no talent

  • Dymondgrl79

    All it really proves is she don’t have butt implants!! Plastic surgeons do fat tranfers.. Take fat from other parts of your body and inject it wherever you want it. I don’t believe that is her real ass!

  • mr catLucifer319

    I believe that is her real ass, and I believe in love after love

  • mr catLucifer319

    I believe that is her real ass, and I believe in love after love

  • J258

    I dont get why people think it’s impossible that is her real butt. I work out, have a slim waist and have always had a big butt. Some people have big butts it’s genetic like big boobs. Everyone is shaped differently. As far as her being called fat, I live in the northeast part of the country and for the most part all the woman I see over the age of 25 are huge with no shape. I never thought when I was little getting called bubble butt that when I grew up some guys would find it attractive but some do and girls hate.

  • Ivan Petrov

    man i woulf fuck the fat out of her fucking big ass