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Early Morning Links

By on July 6, 2011
  • Black people are so smooth [TDW]
  • Head garnishes are the new black [Lainey]
  • Some kid lost his virtual virginity [Busted Coverage]
  • Lily Allen says American celebs aren’t normal [The Frisky]
  • Kim Kardashian wants justice now? [The Superficial]
  • Selena Gomez’s midriff in London! [Celebuzz]
  • Lady Gaga denies using gays as puppets [Popeater]
  • Noel Gallagher has a solo album [Holy Moly]
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  • no’ mo’ ho

    Where’s the ‘thought bubble’ over her head that says “insert penis here?”  Oh and COW – PIG – WHORE !!!