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Today’s News Brought to You by Old Photos of Amy Winehouse

By on July 29, 2011

Terry Richardson released never before seen photos of Amy Winehouse on Tumblr the other day. They were as you’d expect.

  • Mario Lopez ditches his shirt. [Celebuzz]
  • Amy Winehouse’s dad gave her clothes to fans. Much like how the pilgrims gave small pox infested blankets to the Indians. [The Superficial]
  • Can anybody say threesome? And isn’t this guy supposed to be in jail? [MoeJackson]
  • That bag Ashley Olsen is carrying could be used as a down payment on a medium sized house. [Celebslam]
  • Woody Harrelson sure does love his weed. [Celebitchy]
  • Ryan Gosling was kicked out of the Mickey Mouse Club for not being able to sing or dance. [EvilBeet]
  • Zoe Saldana looks good in flaunt. [GCeleb]
  • Kat Von D stormed off Good Day Live because demands were not met! [Yeeeah]
  • According to this pervy security guard, Paz de la Huerta had very nice lotioning technique. [Dlisted]
  • Selena Gomez flashed some panty. [Daily Fix]
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